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Royal Mail (with a twist)


My ladies all made this card last night and I know I know before you all start shouting and screaming at me – pillar boxes are supposed to be red – noooo not here in the beautiful Emerald Isle they are green. Needless to say this card will not be winging it’s way to one of my buddies in the UK for Christmas but will be staying here in Ireland. Now now ladies put your hands down and stop saying… me me.

Back to the class, all my lovely ladies went home with such beautiful cards last night – their colouring techniques are really beginning to shine through and some very unique styles are starting to develop. Well done girls.

I chose the Royal Mail Penny Black stamp (always been addicted to these and if memory serves me well the first stamp I ever purchased was a PB) because they are so easy to use and not one of the girls stamped a bad image.

Going off on one now but it is pure coincidence that my beautiful Cocker Spaniel is called Penny Black. We bought her as one of our presents to each other for our 25th Wedding Anniversary and all the Grandchildren wanted to name her. Not even going to go there with some of the names they came up with. Anyway the name chosen was Penny and because of her colouring my husband added Black onto the end of her name. How spooky is that, one of my fave makers of stamps is the name of my dog, could be thought transference….The End.

Now lets get back to the card, very plain but oh so cute not a bit of DP anywhere…

(Off on one again, I had the idea of putting a glossary at the top of my blog for abbreviations, because blogging is a whole new world to me and I am sure there are new bloggers just like me out there who are in the dark with some of the terms used…. That is until I saw PMSL over on Tabby Craft Designs …(it’s a must to visit her blog today the card is just the prettiest)… which incidentally I did know what it meant and I also PMSL (try explaining that one cleanly) so my idea was squashed before it started… nice one Tab’s.)

…Try again – Cuttlebug Swiss dots was the main mat for the card and a red scalloped nestie. Image was stamped and embossed onto a nesti and the sentiment also sits on a nestie -Fancy Tags, green ribbon from stash, bit of Stickles bling for the scarf, white fluffy stuff for snow, not forgetting the obligatory candy tots and Bob’s your uncle one finished card.

BFN everyone, see you soon (couldn’t resist it)…


3 Responses to “Royal Mail (with a twist)”

  1. Tab says:

    LOL, no don’t mind at all…it’s funny cos I forget sometimes what these things actually tranlate too LOL, you just get so used to seeing them and using them…..BTW love the card, these images are just too cute for words, and I love the fact you have not used DP.
    Hugs Tab xxx

  2. Mary C says:

    Shirl this card is just too cute! I just love Penny Black stamps also. The green and red against the bright white makes everything “POP”. It makes for a perfect Christmas card to make lots of.
    How funny about the postal boxes, here in the US all of them are royal blue color so they don’t blend in with the surroundings.
    I am laughing about your dog, the first time I visited your blog and saw your cutie my first thought was that you liked Penny Black stamps so much that you must have named your dog after them!

  3. Martha Kay says:

    Good thing that you explained the pillar box — but don’t you think that as “artists” we can make them any color we want? LOL This is an adorable card and you must have been proud to present to your ladies to make. Good luck with your new blog look — can’t wait to see what develops.

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