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Blog Land Thank You


Well girls I am going to come clean…. I started this blog three months ago and it was purely out of boredom. Had seen blogs but I just wasn’t interested (fool).

After an operation on my finger I was told no driving for 3 months!!! Then the – feeling sorry for myself – kicked in…. all my family in the UK and here I am stuck way out in the country and not even on a bus route.

Started surfing the web and really had time to look at blog land. OMG… this is it I thought I can spend three months playing. When looking at other blogs I had this idea in my head of what my blog was going to look like – no blinkies, no side bar gadgets I just wasn’t going to be doing it long enough for any of that faffing around…. you get the picture – just cards. Naive me thought when the finger gets better I would just not post anymore…..

Not in a million years…. how wrong can someone be I am totally hooked!!! Apologies to everyone when I said blogging was a total waste of time. Also want to thank Andrew again for all his hard work behind the scenes. Love You Babe x x x (He is going to hate that.)

My card today is pure fun and playing around. I have done all the things I love…. stamping, paper piecing, stitching, digital stamping and decoupage. Wanted to distress and ink as well but thought this was a bit OTT.

Got to use one of my Christmas pressies a MS deep edge punch. Andrew bought me six of these (spoilt or what) so watch this space for other cards with them on.

Hooked is what I am after only three short months and loving every minute of it, 2010 here I come….. oh and by the way my side bar is starting to look like the very thing I didn’t want but who cares because I love it and can’t wait to add more things… hopefully a DT member….. a girl can dream can’t she!!!!


3 Responses to “Blog Land Thank You”

  1. Irene Chillman says:

    Love it Shirl, a bit of everything, I can tell you had fun creating this card. Love the little birds on the branch.

  2. joan foley says:

    again love this card..lot of work in it and very well put together..love the colours

  3. Mary C says:

    Shirl I absolutely love this card you created. I love the colors and the paper you used. Don’t you just love when something you do for the fun of it comes out perfect. I got a gift cretificate for my LSS for Christmas from Santa and am hoping to buy some of these MS punches with it.

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