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Crafty Angels time and this week we would love to see any of your Easter creations.

Very late last night taking the photo and not very happy with it but best I can do at the moment.

Will have to pop back later with info as I am off to the hospital this morning… fingers crossed today is the day the pins come out of my finger.

Back with Update

Trying to type left handed and with one finger….very frustrating.

Seven months later and the pins in my finger are finally out….yippee.

Bandaged, stitched and strapped up but what a relief to finally be free of pain.

My finger eventually realised there was a foreign body in there and an infection set in about three weeks ago…not very nice.

Andrew says… just like me takes a while to cotton on….he can have that one only because he ordered my pro-markers….now you know why he bought me them, to cheer me up…(broke the mold after him).

What am I like…. still managed to do my papercrafting….taking a lot longer though….. colouring, piecing, cutting paper, making bows, sticking and pasting all kept me happy….little voice in the background says…. well most of the time.

Next hurdle is in 2/3 weeks, medication is being changed,wonder what new challenges that will bring.


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  1. Jenny says:

    Very cute Shirl, am actually gonna enter something in this week seeming how I missed last week. Check this blog out http://craftinglifespieces.blogspot.com/ they’re looking for a brand new DT for their brand new blog.

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