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My Sweet Rose


What a journey I have been on with one of my fingers.

Had the joint removed on 8th September 2009….pins were inserted to fuse the bones together…only removed the pins two weeks ago….finally after seven months of awkwardness they took the stitches out yesterday (stitches weren’t in seven months LOL) and my finger has healed beautifully.

Another journey starts today, Andrew and I will be at Waterford hospital all day again will update later.

Roses are my favourite flower and my ultimate favourite is Blue Moon…such a fragrant smelling rose.

Made a box card that lays flat to go into the envelope (not sure what the proper name is) and used the Ethereal Forest Designs Rose for my centre piece…..coloured with Pro-Markers…..little confession time….wanted to use the same colours as the blue moon rose but picked up the wrong pro-marker oops-a-daisy….or in this case oops-a-rose.

Didn’t have much time to complete the project so I used the papers already on my desk from the easel card I made yesterday.


4 Responses to “My Sweet Rose”

  1. Irene Chillman says:

    Shirl, this is gorgeous, and despite the mix up with your colours the rose is beautiful.

  2. fabiola says:

    super jolie juste adorable

  3. Brenda Brown says:

    HI Shirley
    Thanks for leaving me such a lovely message on my blog. Having found yours, I love the work you do and I love the rose.
    Yes my pics are of the Basingstoke Canal, how do you know it?
    I am glad your hand has healed and good luck at the hospital tomorrow.
    Take care, LOL Bxxx

  4. Shirl, this box creation is just so beautiful with such softness. What a journey your finger has been … just hope its not the reason why you are returning to the hospital. Ones fingers/hands are unfortunately the body parts that are so difficult to reconstruct and to heal.
    Keep well.

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