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What’s On Your Desk Wednesday


First time of entering WOYDW and in one way or another most of what’s on my desk is going onto my next project. Not sure how other bloggers work out what to put on their next card or project but this is the way it works for me. I have play days where I don’t necessarily want to make a card but I need to craft and then when it is finished it goes into what I call my bit boxes. These are the boxes I turn to when I am busy and haven’t got time to start everything from scratch.

I usually start with a cleared desk (sorry girls but I am one of those neat freaks but totally wish I wasn’t) then you can find me dustbin diving to see if there is anything I can use from the trusty bit boxes. Today my project is ……… (can’t tell you yet it’s a secret .. he he) …. and a very happy bunny am I because so far all the embellies have come from the bit boxes, even a ready made bow.

Now that I have taken the photo everything will be pushed to one side and then the fun part begins of making something. Sorry girls but will not be posting what it is until Sunday …. watch this space….

Just had to put a little footnote here …. started leaving comments and my number is … 97…. well the first thing that sprang to mind was the TV program “The Prisoner” OK this is an age thing here and unless you remember the program you are probably not going to get the meaning …. would love to know if you do!!!!


16 Responses to “What’s On Your Desk Wednesday”

  1. diane 67 says:

    Love your lady stamps almost hiding at the bottom there. Love that sort of thing!

  2. S says:

    Welcome to WOYWW – I warn you, it’s addictive. I too like those lady stamps, but even more the idea of a bit box is a good one. I should start one for the things I make for scrapbook pages that “don’t quite work out”, if you know what I mean.

  3. Brenda says:

    Hello Shirl and welcome to the Wednesday madness! You have a good way of working, I tend to decide what I’m going to do when I sit down to do it, it might be based on a challenge or just an idea in my head! I keep saying I should get organised and colour some images for future use but I never seem to get around to it!

    Brenda (105)

  4. Robin Funge says:

    Great colours… whatever it will be!

  5. sue says:

    Hi Ya
    welcome to the fun, lovely creative desk, lovely stamps,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (2)

  6. Sarah (Sasa) says:

    Hi and a big welcome. Great looking desk with loads of goodies- just love that little spotty dress – is that a stamp or a printed die-cut? I love it! Thanks for sharing …

    sarah sasa 18

  7. wipso says:

    Welcome to the WOYWW madness. Love the colours youre working with today.
    A x

  8. caroline says:

    I totally know what you mean about play days. Unfortunately some of mine are those originally intended for project days. Welcome to WOYWW. Caroline (82)

  9. Sue Allan says:

    You are full of bright ideas. I like the angle you have taken the photo fromo f your desk. Bits and pieces can be very useful.
    sue xx 88

  10. Daniele says:

    welcome to woyww, thanks for the peek

  11. Glen says:

    Ooo…I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those lady stamps Shirl. Very classy. Yes, I remember The Prisoner! Does that make me OLD?! Thank you for the snoop on your desk. ~Glen~

  12. Welcome to WOYWW – I’m new too – only my third week – it’s so addictive!

    What a lot of lovliness on your desk – all autumnal colours too – your bit boxes sound interesting, I’d love a rummage in them!

    I’m number 117 – but not a prisoner – but unfortunately I DO know what you’re talking about!

    Sherry 🙂

  13. Welcome to WOYWW. You will love it here. It’s very addictive and Julia is such a gracious host. I often work the same. I make a few embellishments, then add them as needed. I especially do that with tags, something I don’t enjoy making. Looks like another neat freak. I also can’t work in clutter. (#1).

  14. Julia Dunnit says:

    Well, I know of the prisoner, but wouldn’t have made the connection!! Welcome to WOYWW! You and I work in totally opposite ways; but that’s a good thing, because we might glean ideas from each other! I need to start and finish, preferablyu in one sitting. I think they call it a lack of patience!

  15. Holly (108) says:

    Love all those colors… Welcome to the world of WOYWDW… It’s fun to play along each week and see what everyone is up too!

  16. Claire says:

    Welcome Shirl! We’re newbies here too. Love your idea of crafting for nothing specific – just for the love of craft and then revisiting that box when you are in need of something quick.See you again for the next WOYWW.


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