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My Trip Down Memory Lane

Has something happened to you recently which tripped a switch and off you went down memory lane. Well that’s what happened to me on Sunday.

The family are coming for their annual Summer holidays on Friday so this prompted the usual mad dash deep down, de cluttering in their bedrooms. I do mean de cluttering because during the course of the year I spread out my crafting goodies into them.

In amongst all the layers of treasure (hubby would call it trash) I was sorting, came upon the first thing I had ever ever stamped in my life. It was this that prompted my little hop and skip with excitement down memory lane (thought I had lost it). I can still feel the excitement of how I felt when the embossing powder melted.

Twelve years ago my mum passed away, Andrew was still in Kuwait, I was back in the UK for 3 months without him. My bestest friend ever and SIL Irene told me about this gorgeous little shop that had just started cardmaking lessons so off I toddled. Little did I know how this was going to change my life and leave my purse forever empty!!!!

Now this really is a small world, the little shop was called Wool & Things but today they have moved to North Camp and are called The Art Of Craft. Can you believe my teemie Brenda on Fashionable Stamping does classes there now … small world eh.

When I showed this to Andrew he looked at it and these are his exact words …

“So this ugly little bear started off all this, I often wondered”.

Started all this meaning … we were standing in my craft room at the time.

See what you think girls, here is a pic of the little guy is he ugly??? …. NO WAY

I would love to hear what started you off on your crafting journey and if you still have the first thing you ever made I would love to see it and hear your story.

Nahhh no way is he ugly. All I can say is how my crafting has changed and the crafting world. Today this card would be classed as C & S.

Would also love to know if anyone recognises this gorgeous little guy as the stamp sold out on the night I made it and never saw it again … awww.

Mmmm having my doubts now the more I look at him it could be a rabbit!!!!! 😯


11 Responses to “My Trip Down Memory Lane”

  1. irene chillman says:

    So loved reading this post Shirl, it sent me down memory lane too, it certainly made me smile. You will be pleased to know that I still have the card with the cat and fish tank on it, can’t bare to throw it away. Our crafting has come a long way since we first started and a lot more expensive. With his chubby chops, he’s definiately cute. The rabbit, not Andy.
    Irene xx

  2. A beautiful C&S card. Think this little guy is a rabbit – see his long ears 🙂 I bought my first stamps ages ago, all very cute ones 😉 Bears from Hero Arts… I stamped them on my letters and envelopes.

  3. Alie says:

    Oh my Shirl, what a lovely and cute memory!

    greetings, Alie 🙂

  4. Deb Ochs-LaGrone says:

    Ah men…gotta love them, even if they have no imagination! 😉 The bear is totally cute.

  5. What a cute little Bear Shirl
    love it very much.

    Greetings Janny

  6. Paula says:

    Hi Shirl, hope you gave Andrew a slap for saying that LOL! your bear is such a cutie. I honestly can’t remember my first craft projects as I seem to have been making stuff from the year dot. I have craft phases, now is a sewing phase, just started making a bag using some pretty floral linen. xx

  7. Anne Rx says:

    Hi Shirl, he is definitely a bear and not a rabbit and he is so cute, I wish my first ever card had looked like that! I don’t have any of my first stuff – and thank goodness as it was so very bad – I made tri-shaped Christmas cards and stuck bobbles on – oh dear, how things have changed. I started 5 years ago when I got diagnosed with RA and had to take early retirement. DH actually encouraged me to take up craft and now I have a craft room stuffed to the gills with all things crafty. I love it and so do the Grandchildren so it all turned out well in the end. I bet your hubby secretly loves it that you craft so well……….Anne x

  8. Esther says:

    Oh my goodness Shirl..how sweet is he, think you’re right though, looks quite like a bunny to me. I started with Christmas cards, but I have absolutely no recollection how I came across stamping, I’ve got some pics somewhere of my first cards …am going to have too hunt them out now..!! Esther xx

  9. Brenda Brown says:

    What a fabulous post Shirley, I loved reading about your trip down memory lane. Unfortunately the IPad won’t show your image so you’ll have to bring it over in September when I can see it IRL. Thanks for mentioning me too, how sweet of you.
    We have arrived safely in CA and are trying to get into the new time frame so have been up since 4 am but at least it is giving me a chance to catch up on my blogging….
    Love to Clare and family have a wonderful time together.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  10. Suzanne b says:

    Loved reading your blog post. It did make me remember. I cannot recall the first thing I made but I remember how it came about. My hubby thought I was obsessed with housework and it wasn’t healthy (I was a bit OCD) and he purchased a card making kit and magazine and that was it…..bet he wishes he hadn’t though as am sure we could have paid our mortgage off by now and as for the housework….what’s that? Thank u for making me remember…..Suzanne. Xx. Ps when is your vintage challenge starting…..cannot wait to join in!!!!! Xx

  11. Avril B says:

    Hi Shirley, loved reading this post. My first card was Iris folding – thought it was brilliant! Even sent it as a Birthday Card – with a peel-off sentiment!!!

    Love your little bear/rabbit – whatever he is – he’s cute.

    Avril xx

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