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Aged Elegance

I had a photo fest on Sunday and decided to take pics of a few tags that have never been shown.
I think most are when I was in the stamping and printing onto tissue paper mode. I have a box full but lucky for you I got fed up after taking the sixth piccie so I have done 6 auto posts and I will show one each day.

The sentiment was stamped onto tissue paper then the edges ripped before adding to the background paper with Mod Podge. The background was made by doing a second stamping so the image was softer and more delicate. Also stamped the piano lady onto tissue paper then Mod Podged her. The gorgeous dapper guy was stamped onto cardstock and then cut out. His buttons didn’t show up very well on his coat so I made French knots over them. Stitched the whole piece onto a tag with a very faded background of grey acrylic paint.


3 Responses to “Aged Elegance”

  1. Beautiful vintage tag Shirl.
    Greetings Janny

  2. Chris Warner says:

    Very eclectic but it works for me. Chris xxx

  3. ayesha says:

    very stylishness tag i like the look of it !

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