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Way To Early For Me

Where we live is so rural and quiet … breathtaking actually and the only noise we hear is when something disturbs the dogs and they start barking. At night it is so dark because there are no street lights, Andrew takes a torch with him when he gives Penny & Byron their last walk around the garden.

Mr Farmer Giles was in the next field to us last night and the dogs didn’t like it one bit. He had cut the hay during the week and last night he was collecting it and making hay bales, very interesting to watch. Mr Farmer was still in the field when we went to bed and the dogs were still grumbling under their breaths.

They started again at 6 this morning … not a happy bunny when I am woken by noise. Andrew stirred as well and I asked him “if Mr Farmer ever slept”.

The dogs were not going to stop so Andrew got up. Anyway he came back and asked me how I knew the horse was called Mr Farmer?? Don’t you just love a comedian first thing in the morning?

Needless to say I got up and sure enough there was this huge Shire Horse in our garden. Not the first time this has happened we have had sheep, cattle, horses just coming in and wandering around to their hearts content.

We have some beautiful views and this one is a stunner with those rolling clouds in the distance … oh and not forgetting Mr Dobbin!! The far left field have loads of Sean the sheep.

Can you believe the cheek of Mr Dobbin I was just finishing this post and doing a preview when he decides to take a walk around the garden and here he is sauntering past my craft room window.

Not sure when the owners are going to realize he is missing and come to collect him but I hope it is soon!! Apart from Penny and Byron given it rock all when they see him walking past the stuff he leaves behind from the not so pretty end is yuk!!!!


2 Responses to “Way To Early For Me”

  1. Irene Chillman says:

    This is brilliant Shirl, I sympathize about the dogs, Marlow would go absolutely crazy every time the horse went past the window. Have a good day.
    Irene xx

  2. Shirley says:

    Wow your views are gorgeous ! We live in a ‘country subdivision’, but horses & cows are just up the road, never in our yard ! Your visitor is also gorgeous, hope he found his way back home 🙂 Shirleyx

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