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Two Very Different Canvases

Another make completed from the unfinished box … although there’s a long way to go until I get to see the bottom.
Before I show the completed piece here’s why it went into the unfinished pile.

To all intense and purposes the canvas was finished whilst on holiday in Cork with Crafty Friend but when I came home I felt something was missing.  At the time just totally in the dark as to what it was hence relegation to the:

“Get Around To It Someday Box”.

Since having a good ole rummage through the box I came across the canvas again and hey presto I knew immediately what was wrong with it.

No focal point to draw the eye.  Simple really!!!!  Just needed a fresh pair of peepers.

Both images lay embedded onto the canvas and nothing popped out at me.

That’s when I added a frame and some wording.  The frame was cut from a very old Spellbinders die.  Chalk paint used was Cosmic Shimmer Heritage Green and Cadet Blue.  Finished by hi-lighting with an Americana paint called French Vanilla then randomly used a script stamp.

Previously both images looked very flat on the page but by adding a frame around one and a bit of gesso sponging it made them both stand out in their own right.


Images from Pion design ‘Grandmas School Book‘.

This would look great in a child’s bedroom.


Showing the second make which didn’t get finished whilst in Cork, but I knew where it was going, so completed very quickly when I got home.

It has already been posted – below is a pick which if you click on will take you to the post in case you didn’t see it first time round.



6 Responses to “Two Very Different Canvases”

  1. Brenda says:

    I often find if I’m not sure about a project that when I got back I see it in a totally different light, as you say Shirl a new pair of peepers often does the trick.

    They are indeed totally different, the first so soft and delicate with the sweet childhood images and the second so full of texture, impossible to choose a fav.

    B x

  2. butterfly says:

    Wow – two fabulous canvases, really showing off your versatility. The sweet vintage children are charming, but I’m really enjoying your darker side here – fabulous grungy, distressing and a great atmospheric make with those haunting children at the heart of it.
    Alison x

  3. Craftyfield says:

    So right Shirley sometimes by looking at it too long we can’t “see” right! But now your canvas looks beautifully Vintage and very sweet…

  4. Shirley says:

    Hi Shirley, both of designs are beautiful, love all the details and focal point(s). I agree sometimes we need to set things aside and have a look with ‘fresh’ eyes at another time. Have a great day, xx

  5. Donna Ellis says:

    Wow! I love both of your not-quite-finished projects, Shirl. Each one is so different from the other! Fabulous color highlights, delightful sweetness, wonderful strength – really fantastic! hugs, de

  6. Carola says:

    Wow Shirley, both projects are beautiful. My favorite is Number 2. Just fantastic!
    Hugs Carola

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