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Archive for August, 2013

Dwell In Possibility

Don’t you just love this sentiment … “Dwell In Possibility”. Emily Dickinson wrote a poem called “I Dwell In Possibility” which you can find here.

Dwell In Possibility conjures up an awareness that the future is not scripted. Your choices and actions can take you in a million directions. Be aware of this and play. So I played with this card.

I first saw these images on Astrid’s blog … super sweet lady and an extremely talented artist … and I love them.
Also used an already made rose topper which is unusual for me but after my tidy up in the craft room I came across a load of them which are from Anna Griffin. My colour palette is actually based around the rose.


Way To Early For Me

Where we live is so rural and quiet … breathtaking actually and the only noise we hear is when something disturbs the dogs and they start barking. At night it is so dark because there are no street lights, Andrew takes a torch with him when he gives Penny & Byron their last walk around the garden.

Mr Farmer Giles was in the next field to us last night and the dogs didn’t like it one bit. He had cut the hay during the week and last night he was collecting it and making hay bales, very interesting to watch. Mr Farmer was still in the field when we went to bed and the dogs were still grumbling under their breaths.

They started again at 6 this morning … not a happy bunny when I am woken by noise. Andrew stirred as well and I asked him “if Mr Farmer ever slept”.

The dogs were not going to stop so Andrew got up. Anyway he came back and asked me how I knew the horse was called Mr Farmer?? Don’t you just love a comedian first thing in the morning?

Needless to say I got up and sure enough there was this huge Shire Horse in our garden. Not the first time this has happened we have had sheep, cattle, horses just coming in and wandering around to their hearts content.

We have some beautiful views and this one is a stunner with those rolling clouds in the distance … oh and not forgetting Mr Dobbin!! The far left field have loads of Sean the sheep.

Can you believe the cheek of Mr Dobbin I was just finishing this post and doing a preview when he decides to take a walk around the garden and here he is sauntering past my craft room window.

Not sure when the owners are going to realize he is missing and come to collect him but I hope it is soon!! Apart from Penny and Byron given it rock all when they see him walking past the stuff he leaves behind from the not so pretty end is yuk!!!!


To Bin Or Not To Bin

The changing around and clear out of the craft room is still happening. I have changed things around which is what I wanted to do but as for getting rid of things … well that’s another matter!!

Stopped, started, put it in the bin, put it back, what’s a girl got to do when she can’t make a decision … chill and make a tag???? This is my first time of using the Tim Holtz Distress Paints.


A Bird In The Hand

Met a very dear friend for lunch in Kilkenny on Monday, mooched around a craft shop, as you do then we had a little playtime at her house.

I love away play days because you get to use crafty things that are different to what you have.
We cut these pieces from a Sizzix die, sorry can’t remember what it was called but I made it into a little album.



Sew-N-Sew At FSC

Firstly I want to say hello and welcome to Laura who is joining Fashionable Stamping Challenges this week but sadly our teemie Fashion Stampette Silvia has decided to step down so I just want to say good luck Silvia in wherever your new journey takes you sweetie pie.

This fortnights challenge at FSC is one of my faves as sewing is something that I have always loved doing. Each fortnight one of the DT’s get to pick the theme and I have Sue to thank for choosing this one.

Isn’t the stamp pretty it’s one from our sponsor Flonz Crafts and to make it easier for you I have left a link here of where to buy her.

The card was made by stamping the image onto gauze, putting some wadding behind before stitching around the edge. I die cut a frame and then stitched around the edge with a zig zag and a straight stitch.

Did something that I haven’t done before I added some Sepia Accents to her hair and dress which made it perfect to add little stray pieces of material. Stamped onto the bottle top but it looked to neat so I sanded some ink off. You just have to pop on over to see all the Design Teams projects they are amazing and while you’re there you might just as well enter because you never know it might be you who wins the $20 to spend at Flonz’s Store.


Going Nowhere Fast

Well the big shake up is moving along … just like a snail … but guess what here is another tag for you to look at. Not sure why I didn’t like this one, maybe because at the time of making it was too messy for me?? Who knows!!!


The Great Craft Shake Up

Enough is enough I am starting something today that is well overdue and I mean well overdue.
Could not bear to look at the dust, trailing cords and mess any more so started the big shake up in the craft room.

Not going very well at the moment because I keep coming across age ole makes that I haven’t posted before and started taken pics of them.

Gasped breath I hear, Shirl taking pics which she hates … truth be known, taking the pics is a better option than doing the great big tidy up of this rubbish tip called a craft room.

I have come across a few masterpieces which have never been shown. All right maybe not masterpieces … they are really things that in my opinion were never good enough to be blogged.

So very sorry about this girls in between the cleaning and to keep my sanity I am subjecting you to some of these not quite good enough thingies.

White Butterfly

Below is the before pics and somewhere down the line I will show the after pics.

Now some of you might think that this is already a tidy tip but the thing is that over the years the way I craft has changed. I still love the pretty pretty but now I love the grunge look with it. What this means is that I need more of the paints, stamps, inks, the messy stuff nearer to hand so hence the shake up in the room.

How lucky am I to have a son who did his degree in building management, this means he understands things like weight on shelves and what size screws to put in the wall to hold all those heavy crafting goodies. The shelves beside my desk, everything has to be removed so that I can put all my messy stuff on.

This is how it looks behind where I sit. The old unit came from our lounge and rather than throw it out I kept it for all my goodies. I can probably live with that as it is just a good clean and a little moving of things.

This is to the side of me and I can’t stand looking at the mess anymore so thinking caps on as to what I can do with it!!!

Just beside my desk is Andrew’s huge corner. Now don’t get me wrong I do love that we both can sit in the same room and have our own little hobbies but look how much space he is depriving me of and how untidy do those trailing wires look!!!! This space has to change …..

Coooeee just found another masterpiece off to take a pic. This tidy up might take longer than I thought 😀

Oh to have a beautiful custom built craft room … over to you hubbykins.


A Gothic Place In Time

Well here she is the 2nd image I coloured when on my hols, check here for the first one. Both the same images just different colours.

She has been sitting on my desk since I came home and in between doing other things I have been putting different pieces beside her to see where it would take me.

In my mind this card has taken me on a Gothic come medieval type of journey which is totally out of character for me … unless it’s Halloween!!! Not sure if you would agree???

For the flower I diecut newspaper, spritzed with glimmer mists then stamped onto it with Versamark before adding gold embossing powder.


How Cute Am I

I have quite of few of these little postcards which have cute images of little children on. Every now and again I will pick one up to use but then after the touchy feely bit they were put back in their box. Took the plunge and made a card with this oh so sweet girl then found the perfect sentiment to go with it.


A Face That Say’s It All

Yep that’s how my face looks after my wonderful holiday in Portugal and as my dear ole mum used to say:

“A face that a only a mother could love”

Well mine isn’t quite that pretty but it is glum because I miss the family again.

She is one of the images that I coloured whilst in Wales, finally managed to put her onto cardstock with some embellies.

Actually I coloured two of her but in totally different colours the other has nearly made it’s way onto cardstock.

Digi GirlDigi Girl 1