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Archive for May, 2016

Collaged Journal Page

My camera was still on the table from yesterday and as my journal book was close by I took some photos of a page which I made a few weeks ago.

Just jogging your memory a little … last December I made a tag about John Doe.

Below is the picture where John Doe’s head was punched out from and as you can see I had to replace with another.  Crafters never waste anything!!!



Hope everyone in the UK enjoys the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend and the weather behaves itself.


Metal Tape Art

Both cards today are so shiny and metallic that it made the taking of the pictures very difficult.  This is me visiting another very old technique.

Because only Phil and Theresa could make the class today I was tempted to cancel but in the end decided to go ahead.

Today was all about Metal Tape Art and below are just a few of the elements that were used in the making of the piece.

The aluminium metal tape (think electricians use it) and the mesh (used for taping up plasterboard) are both useful things to have in your crafty stash.


Metal tape can be used in lots of different ways but today we applied it as a patchwork onto the card.

Firstly we dry embossed a piece of 13.5cm x 13.5cm card then added the paperclips, die cut letters and lastly the sticky mesh.  Next step was to add pieces of metal tape over the top of everything before burnishing with an embossing tool.  After all was stuck down and thoroughly burnished we added a layer of black acrylic paint.  Leave to dry for a few moments before wiping the paint off with paper towels.  Alcohol ink was applied where you think it is needed.  The stamped image came last and then was smothered with Glossy Accents.  See, told you everything was shiny.


This card was completed after the class had finished and as you can see I had more time to play around with different die cuts and alcohol inks.  Funny enough alcohol inks are something that I use very rarely but this time I had fun with them.

I was going to add a stamped image onto the circle die as I did with the above card but decided to leave as is because it reminded me of a mini globe of the world.



Flowered Canvas

Last Saturday’s class was all about finishing a canvas that we started a few weeks ago.

Needle, cotton and material were used to make the beautiful flower and the image is from G45, “A Ladies Diary”.   Lots of other elements were used on the canvas but nothing could escape the gesso, crackle medium or acrylic paint.




Finger Painting

What a glorious sunny Sunday it is today, well in my neck of the woods anyway, I really hope it’s good wherever you are.

Andrew and I had a really boozy and late night yesterday (taxi time) but it was worth it and now we are meeting up with Crafty Friend to go for lunch, couldn’t get any better.

The Saturday class went well, we concentrated on painting only with our fingers and baby wipes.  It was all about the acrylic paints and them there little fingers.  We even added crackle paint with the fingers (everything was all gooey and messy) yum yum!!!  The only time a brush was used was when we added decoupage glue to the card and tissue paper.

Because we were using templates from a Stamps Away aperture collection (Set 1) I felt it needed to be mounted onto an 8″x8″ card to do it justice.

Theresa even enjoyed it and didn’t worry too much about the messy digits.


More pics plus the stamps used were from an old Tim Holtz ATC set.


Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend (sun still shining, things are looking up).


Handmade Paper Roses

I mentioned in my last post about the roses I was making with copy paper and paint.  The roses were incidental to what I was actually doing.

My ultimate plan was to make my own sprays with acrylic paints so I was actually experimenting.  The results were amazing and because the testing of the sprays was onto copy paper it made for some very interesting backgrounds.  Hence the handmade paper roses.  No die cuts were used, I just tore some freehand spirals and then rolled into roses.  Another revival of an old technique which was dredged up from the back of my mind.


The acrylic paints used in my experiment are from Reeves and they worked very well.

The leftover test paper gave me the perfect opportunity to use the newest die to my collection …  Jourdana.  This added an extra little feature on the card.

The die is very similar to the TH Mixed Media one but I find this quite small and I wanted to be able to cut a larger area.


More paper roses but this is only a sneak peak because I haven’t finished the hanger yet.



Join FSC With Blots And Splashes

FSC is having a Blots & Splashes theme for this month’s challenge and this canvas was made with loads of painty blots and splashes.

Crafty Skype buddy Dot is far more organised than me because she started her piece for FSC whilst on one of our Skype sessions and all I did was play around making roses with copy paper.  Ahhhh but the card I made with those roses is gorgeous.

Anyways onto my canvas where I have used another Indigo Blu beauty, she was bought at the same time as her Best Friend.

Used the Tim Holtz Wildflower dies to make the flowers plus I used the same paint to colour in.  Flicked white paint over the canvas and blotted away a lot of the excess.


Here you can see some close ups which shows more clearly the splashes which were achieved with the Tim Holtz stencil Splatters.


I would love it if you hopped on over to see all the DT’s work as they are simply stunning.  Also don’t forget that the winner of this challenge has $20 to choose anything they like from Flonz’s store.


May Day Party With Crafty Friend

Scheduled post today because we are out partying and I also don’t want Crafty Friend to see this canvas until I have given it to her.  Monday was a milestone birthday but today is the celebrating time.

Happy May Day everyone, hope that wherever you are the weather is better than here.   Wet and miserable is the only way it can be described but wahooooo who cares as we will all be in a marquee in the garden.  Well I use the term garden very loosely as it could be placed anywhere on the acres of land at the family farm.

When we craft together at her place I am in seventh heaven because as you look out of her craft room window you can see the most fantastic views.  Everywhere you look is dotted with animals.  She even has peacocks roaming around the yard and – wait for it – the first baby Peacock she ever bought she named it Shirley.  (I kid you not!!!)

No mundane card would have been enough for Crafty Friend’s momentous day so I have made a canvas instead, fingers crossed that she likes it!!!

Canvas 0

At the moment I am not really into all the nuts, bolts, nails and other paraphernalia that can go onto a canvas but the mind isn’t completely closed against it so you never know.

Canvas 1Canvas 3Canvas 2