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Archive for October, 2016

Enough Is Enough – No More Birthday Cards For JP

Dot was tired by the time we finished Skyping today but I had time to show her the card I was working on.

Sometimes we have a good connection and sometimes not … so not sure how much she saw of the card … hope she likes what she sees in the flesh.

Used Dina Wakley stamps called Positive Women and Indigo Blu stamps Tasty Textures.

Paints were used for the stamping from PaperArtsy called Fresco Finish Autumn Fire and Bora Bora.


Had time to make this CAS card for JP’s birthday which means that Claire has a few to choose from.

Brenda, my lovely teamie from FSC did a post the other day here and mentioned about the stamping on her card (the trees looked drunk).  She assured us they weren’t.  Well that’s just what my sentiment stamping looks like … very wonky … but it really is straight.  Brenda I believe you!!!! lol

Made an aperture on plain white card with Sheena’s Perfect Partners Birds Of A Feather.

With a spare piece of copy paper, which had painty bits on it, I cut out another bird.

Closed the card and placed the painty die cut bird in the die cut space.  Hope you followed that girls!!!!



Dream Machine

Two firsts today, things that I wasn’t allowed to do because of my leg injury,  remember the falling off the fence episode, well I can do both again.

First is being allowed to swim again, really missed the swimming.  Definitely a morning girl, leave the house around 7.30am and in the pool for 7.50am.  Not into all that gym malarky but I’ve been a member of the Amber Springs Leisure Centre for about two years and because of the times I go for the most part I am the only person in the pool.  It’s just amazing, feels like my own private swimming pool.  Usually swim for around an hour before heading home.

Second I can drive my car again.

About driving my car, don’t think I mentioned that Andrew bought me my dream car … only had it for just over a month and for the last two weeks it has been stuck outside the house.  This car is something I have wanted for absolutely years but never thought I would ever own.

It’s my very own MINI to float my bones about, how super cool is that!!!  She’s the bees knees.  Yep it’s a she of course.


I go home fairly regularly to see the family but sadly because the grandchildren are growing up (Amber at University, Alex in college and Lauren in her early teens) this means that Ireland doesn’t have the same appeal that it used to.  They loved coming here as youngsters because we are only 12 mins from the beach, so every summer they would be here.  This meant that my car had to accommodate us all hence the seven seater people carrier … but no more, I have my dream machine.  Thanks Andrew you are one amazing and generous husband.

Guess what … Amber, Alex and Lauren all said they want it.  Sorry kids it’s all mine!!!!


More Cards For Clare

Another two cards which are going home to Clare … she really can have her pick about which to use for JP’s birthday.

Stamps used are called Sideshow and School Desk from Stampers Anonymous … totally ashamed to say the Sideshow set was bought in February and first time of using them.


Below is an 8″ x 8″ card which I very rarely make but was thinking that it would be a good one for Clare’s dad’s 80th birthday.

We can decide that later as it will be very easy to add something extra onto the card.

Stamps used on this card are from darkroomdoor, also used the ruler stamp from an Indigo Blu set called Sewing Mends The Soul .  You can only just see a little of this because it was used to frame the man and clock.  Clock came from another Stampers Anonymous set called Pen & Pencil.  Can’t think for the life of me why it’s called this as there are no pens and pencils in sight on the set.



Canvas Relegated To The Unfinished Box

This canvas has been sitting in the corner of my desk for a few days.  Every now and again I will work on it, leave alone to work on something else then come back and have a look to see what else I can add, then off I trot again.

At the moment I feel there is nothing more I want to add … but … the bottom right hand corner of the canvas is definitely unfinished so until I can figure out what it needs to finalise she’s being relegated to the bench.


Leaving you with two more pics before I place it in the unfinished box.

It’s going into the unfinished box because I don’t want to rush and just put anything on it, then days down the line I will totally regret it.  As soon as I have a lightbulb moment you will see the finished canvas.  Until then this little piece is going away.



Watercolour Day

These are easy watercolour cards, been promising myself that I would make a couple of spare cards like Lauren’s Birthday card.


Her card is here which looks more CAS than this one.



It’s A Magpie Girls

You’re all probably wondering why there is another posting from me … well last week I fell off a fence, cut my shin and twisted my knee.  As Andrew kindly pointed out to me, should not have been on the fence in the first place.  Had the knee xrayed and thankfully no bones broken (it’s sooooo painful) but I have to elevate it and keep off as much as possible.  Thankfully the crafting part doesn’t put any extra pressure or weight on it … hence more crafting.

Slapped wrist again, I have had this Clarity Stencil at least 3 years (could be 4)!!!  Bought 5 different Clarity stencils at Ally Pally, not one has been out of the packet until today.  Stop gasping girls because I am probably not the only one who impulse buys.  One down four to go!!!

You will laugh at this one, before opening the pack I looked to see what the bird was called but unfortunately Clarity do not put the names of their stencils anywhere on their packs.  Not a problem, just went with colours I liked.  It was only when I was looking to add a link for the stencil that I found out what it was called …. MAGPIE.  Now who doesn’t know what colour a magpie is????  Me presumably because this little Magpie is green, yellow and blue.

Thought the stamped quote from Studio 490 Wildflower Art was so appropriate.


Coloured (Mr Magpie) … could be anything once he’s coloured … with Faber Castell watercolour pencils and used Black Soot DI shading around the edges.

Entering the above for the Stampotique Designers Challenge 258 where they want to see a Favourite Quote.

Enjoying colouring in again, which I used to do a lot of, especially the shading side.  Amber and I used to sit for hours on end just shading and colouring and she always thanks me as it helped her no end with her artwork.  Usually another craft technique comes along and I gallivant off to have a go at it but maybe for the time being I should just concentrate on one thing at a time.


Birthday Cards For JP

It’s my son’s birthday at the end of the month and these are two of his birthday cards.  No worries, he never even looks at my blog and I know for sure that these cards are too busy for him … but what the heck I loved making them.

Whenever I am home for JP’s birthday (which sadly isn’t often enough) I tend to make cards for the grandchildren to give to their dad and also make one for Claire to give him.  The grandkids can have this one, Alex and Amber will love it … not sure about Lauren (or JP)… she loves CAS like her DAD.  They both would prefer the card that I made here.


Entering the above for the Stampotique Designers Challenge 258 where they want to see a Favourite Quote.

Definitely love this quote as all my art starts off as complete chaos.  Did loads of freehand doodling around the edges and chose these two adorable chaps.  One is called Topher and the other Newton.  Stamped onto copy paper then cut out ready for my masks but decided that they went so well with the background that I just stuck them on as they were.

The second card will be the one that Andrew and I give him which means I have one more to make for Clare … mmmmm … maybe make Clare’s card a CAS one.

Then I have an 80th Birthday card to make for Clare’s dad.

These little guys looked better coloured in.  How adorable do those dogs look, bought them here?

Poor Mr Weasel was one of the first Stampotique stamps I ever purchased but not sure I should have cut his legs off to sit him on the wall!!!!



Quick And Easy Scenic Card

FSC is all about TREES this month which the lovely Sandra picked as the theme.

Isn’t it strange that over the years the things that you used to do a lot of gets pushed to the back of your mind as you develop other tastes in crafting.

Making a scene with stamps and inks was something I so loved doing years back when I first started crafting but other things like paints, molding paste, crackle and messiness seem to have taken over.

So this is why I enjoyed making my little scene below, which was so quick and easy, enjoyed every minute of the making and revisiting some of the old techniques which I used to do.  This literally took minutes and yet it looks so very elegant and fresh.

Just shows what you can make with a 6 x 6 white card, three stamps and two colours of ink.


The embossing folder used was an Xcut 6 x 6 square frame, tree stamps are from Stampin Up and the little birdie … who knows it’s that old.  The little grass is also an old Art Impression wooden stamp.  You can find the cling mounted set here but I think the wooden set has been discontinued.

I would love it if you hopped on over to see all the DT’s work as they are simply stunning.  Also don’t forget that the winner of this challenge has $20 to choose anything they like from Flonz’s store.


Bon Voyage Paloma

This is a very special post today, it’s all about the lovely Lys who started Paloma’s Peace Chain Journey around the world.

If you have not heard about dear Paloma then I urge you to go see all about how her journey started and who she has visited.

When I came back from my hols (we were away for nearly a month) there was a very large parcel sitting on my doormat.  Could not for the life of me think what I had ordered before I went away.

What an utter delight awaited me when I opened the parcel.  Dearest Corinne had sent Paloma on to me with an abundance of goodies in tow.

Poor little might must have flapped her wings like crazy, all the way from France to Wexford in Ireland.

She has made two very dear friends here in Ireland,  at first they were not so sure about her, but now that Paloma is winging her way across the Irish waters to another land they are very sad.

Her first newest friend is Penny, they bonded with each other from the very start.

We all need friendship and peace but sadly we do not see enough of it in the world today.
So what better way to showcase our dear little dove than with Man’s Best Friend?


She was very good whilst here and she shared herself around equally with the fur babies.

Byron actually was the gentlest with her and very protective, Penny wanted to play all the time.


I do hope that the photos above show how with a little bit of love, gentleness and kindness we could all live in a better world.

Palmona is just about to fly away to another chapter in her journey around the world to spread the word about peace and love.

Sadly not everyone can have this beautiful and tranquil scene from their garden but each and everyone of us can carry beauty and love in our hearts.

Farewell little one you have a long journey ahead of you across the Irish sea to another country but I am sure your message of love and peace flies with you.


Bon Voyage Paloma.