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Archive for June, 2018

Seaside Time At FSC

FSC wants to see the Seaside this month which the lovely Hanne picked as her theme.

Wow, Summer has really arrived in this part of Ireland, we have had no rain for a few weeks now just wall to wall warm weather, long may it last!  My tan is coming along nicely just in time for my hols next month.  Not going to look like a milk bottle this year when I go away.

For some reason Clare and John-Paul let the grandkids pick where they wanted to go and they picked Las Vegas … can you believe it?  Apart from the fact that Amber and Alex can’t drink (Lauren’s still too young, only another 3 years to go) nor play at the casinos, that was their choice.

Off to see all the sights though, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam etc.,

We made a compromise with the kids, only 5 days in Vegas then off to Los Angeles for a fortnight.

Whilst in LA Andrew and I are hopping off to San Francisco so that I can see the Golden Gate Bridge.  He’s been there before but I haven’t so now’s my chance.

Used Crafty Individual stamps for my seaside theme and also still using my dies.

Long time since I have shown a Saturday class card but better late than never eh!!!

Below are two of my makes.

My classes always start with the showing of the card that the girls will be making and then I demonstrate how they will be doing it.

We were going to make the seaside card also but there was no time left as we were running late.

I am sure there will be time in next week’s class to start it as we are only finishing off a frame that we started two weeks ago.

Would really love it if you hopped on over to see all the DT’s work as they are simply stunning.

Ink Art Designs Etsy Shop is sponsoring FSC and they will be offering a stamp for the winner of each new challenge.