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Postcard Journey

Darcy’s Postcard Challenge
Here is album being started

When you start reading this you will see that I am a hopeless romantic 😕 this is probably going to read like a Mills & Boon novel as it progresses over the year 😀 Not even sure if I am on the right lines of how this should be written or how my story is going to progress through the year but it’s going to be a lot of fun finding out.

What are my characters names, where do they live, work and how did they meet???

Silly me asked Andrew’s advice about the male in this story – his advice was …
make him a Soldier and call him Major Disaster needless to say advice not taken!!!

My postcard journey starts with me revealing the names and addresses of my characters – to find out how they met, exchanged names and addresses also for the unfolding of the story you will have to come back each week to read each and every POSTCARD … all 52 of them 😎

Olivia Amber Loren

Aged 28, address: Lucy’s Haven, Swallow Mews, Willow Lane, London

Olivia was named and brought up by her Romany Grandmother Tshilaba more of why she was brought up by her grandmother as the story unfolds. Olivia is a well renowned classical concert pianist who travels all over the globe.

Tyler Alex Andrews

Aged 34, address: Wychwood House, Upper Monbay Drive, London

ahhh Tyler, handsome, debonair, owner of a multi billion pound banking company and very handsome … gave Olivia a friend’s address not his own … why????

Addresses above are all my own imagination so please don’t try and write to Olivia & Tyler 😉
My postcards start with Tyler sending the first postcard when he is in AUSTRIA on business … let the story begin!!!

Wahoo got my melting pot out and used it as you can see with the silver metal looking thingy on the front of the album cover. The actual postcard scene I stamped and embossed the tree images with white embossing powder then brayered over with TH DI … Stormy Sky, Iced Spruse and Pumice Stone. Each of the pockets will hold two postcards, have tried all the 52 postcards in the album and everything is AOK phewww.



Just sharing a quick post with you and it’s all about Darcy’s Postcard Challenge for 2012. Intrigued well check it out HERE or check out the link on the right hand side bar for you to see why I am sooooo excited about this.

My name is down for the challenge so today I am showing you my first lot of pics for the album I have nearly created so that my 52 postcards can be stored.

This is a first for me painting with Gesso … will be using this more and more me thinks, have to thank my dear friend Brenda for giving me the confidence to start using this product … thanks sweetie.

The first pic is showing some album pockets already painted with Gesso, 2nd pic shows the rest of the pockets waiting to be painted. and the 3rd pic shows 3 of my pockets completed and raring to go. One even has the postcard in there just waiting to see what the first country will be … most will be ready for 2nd January!!!!! I still have the front cover to make but not sure what road I am going to take when it comes to the decorating … any suggestions greatly appreciated. 😉

Just a few more close up pics of the completed folders. First pic shows the front of the folders and 2nd pic shows the folders turned over, 3rd is a close up. Each folder will house two postcards.

and more pics, I am sooo enjoying this project that I just want to share!!!! Loads and loads of stamping my fave pastime the postcard stamp is one from Penny Black called … wait for it … POSTCARD.

To find out the names I have given my characters and where they met you will have to pop back on 2nd January and all will be revealed.

You will hopefully see the album all put together … if not every page completed with embellishments. That’s the beauty of this challenge you have all year to complete. yayyyyy.

Entering for the Penny Black Saturday Challenges – Make A Tag … I have made one and it is on pic #5 and a close up on #7
The Stamp Man Challenge – Techniques … first for me using Gesso.