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FSC Inspirational Piece

For the October challenge at FSC my DT piece was a journal page.

Today my FSC inspirational make for the Time Waits For No Man Challenge is another journal page.

Because the two pages were side by side I soon realised that they were not gelling together.  The monkey side was far to bright and colourful.

No choice for it but to tone the monkey side down a notch or two, good ole white gesso to the rescue.

Scroll to the next post and you’ll see how he looked originally.

Totally happy with the overall toning down, they sit side by side perfectly now.

Used two stamps from the Vintage Time set by Ali Reeve and the Gentleman stamp is from Flonz Crafts.

I never throw anything away that has stamping on it.  Found a teensy bit of ripped tissue paper which had some clock numbers on it, placed this in the middle of the clock for a bit of added interest.

Also amongst my stamped tissue paper castoffs was a top hat which was put onto the ring of the pocket watch and the number 31 around the edge.

You still have until midnight on Saturday, 9th November to enter the FSC challenge so please hop on over as we would love to see what you make.


Wobbly Head Doll

Whilst having a Skype session with Dot yesterday Mr Postie delivered some Crafters Companion stamp sets.

Of course a girl just has to have a play right away and this quick card was born.

Only one problem with these stamps, they come unmounted … would rather have a choice like PaperArtsy and pay extra for a mounted set.

OK so I’m lazy!!!!!


The stamped image from PaperArtsy reminds me of those dolls which have their heads on coiled wire and they wobble like crazy.

Mixed my media again – this time it was inks and paints.

Also the other mix of stamps which found their way onto this card are from darkroom door, Star and French Script  … stamping heaven.


More Cards For Clare

Another two cards which are going home to Clare … she really can have her pick about which to use for JP’s birthday.

Stamps used are called Sideshow and School Desk from Stampers Anonymous … totally ashamed to say the Sideshow set was bought in February and first time of using them.


Below is an 8″ x 8″ card which I very rarely make but was thinking that it would be a good one for Clare’s dad’s 80th birthday.

We can decide that later as it will be very easy to add something extra onto the card.

Stamps used on this card are from darkroomdoor, also used the ruler stamp from an Indigo Blu set called Sewing Mends The Soul .  You can only just see a little of this because it was used to frame the man and clock.  Clock came from another Stampers Anonymous set called Pen & Pencil.  Can’t think for the life of me why it’s called this as there are no pens and pencils in sight on the set.



Metal Tape Art

Both cards today are so shiny and metallic that it made the taking of the pictures very difficult.  This is me visiting another very old technique.

Because only Phil and Theresa could make the class today I was tempted to cancel but in the end decided to go ahead.

Today was all about Metal Tape Art and below are just a few of the elements that were used in the making of the piece.

The aluminium metal tape (think electricians use it) and the mesh (used for taping up plasterboard) are both useful things to have in your crafty stash.


Metal tape can be used in lots of different ways but today we applied it as a patchwork onto the card.

Firstly we dry embossed a piece of 13.5cm x 13.5cm card then added the paperclips, die cut letters and lastly the sticky mesh.  Next step was to add pieces of metal tape over the top of everything before burnishing with an embossing tool.  After all was stuck down and thoroughly burnished we added a layer of black acrylic paint.  Leave to dry for a few moments before wiping the paint off with paper towels.  Alcohol ink was applied where you think it is needed.  The stamped image came last and then was smothered with Glossy Accents.  See, told you everything was shiny.


This card was completed after the class had finished and as you can see I had more time to play around with different die cuts and alcohol inks.  Funny enough alcohol inks are something that I use very rarely but this time I had fun with them.

I was going to add a stamped image onto the circle die as I did with the above card but decided to leave as is because it reminded me of a mini globe of the world.



Mr Bright Ideas

How cool does Mr Bright Ideas from darkroom door look,  cuts rather a dashing light don’t you think???

Used him on another Wallet Pop Out Card.  The panel at the front drops down to reveal a rather interesting inner.

Thought the quote from visible image went rather well.


Used a katzelkraft stamp for the inside called So Special.



Don’t Mess With Me I’m Thinking

Just had to have a stamp fest with one of the Silhouetted Women stamps from Dina Wakley.


Cascading Side Card

A few of you asked for a tutorial of the card I made for the 100th challenge at FSC (here) .

Put together a short step by step which might help you make the above card, more pics below

The first two pics are a copy paper template for you to try out yourself.  Sorry girls please notice that I work in – inches and centimeters (I use whichever works best for what I am making).

1st Pic – Shows the little strip that I cut from the end plus the measurements.  Also showing where the cut lines and fold lines should be.

2nd Pic – This is how your card should look when  the corner has been cut off and the score lines added.

Also I have marked where you fold over and glue – #2 onto #1.

#3 is your flap over piece.


This is how the card should look when glued and folded.  The front flap over should measure 4″ x 4″.

Now for the next part.

First Pic – These are your insides and I usually make three but you can do as many as you like or less.

The measurements are 19.5cm  x  10cm with a 1/2 inch score line at the beginning.

2nd Pic – Use glue or tape only onto the 1/2 inch strip then place onto the card making sure you butt up to the very edge of the 4 inch line.

3rd Pic – As you can see this is how you get start to get your cascading make.

I usually decorate and decide how long or short my next pieces are before gluing and putting everything together.


As you can see from the 2nd pic below I have stamped the man’s image then cut around him to give the flaps more dimension.

This is how it should look when on the mantlepiece.  This card has only three inserts but it looks equally as nice.  These cards will fit into a DL envelope perfectly.



Favourite Go To Stamp At FSC

Stamping, fussy cutting, dry embossing, inking, faux leathering, sanding, die cutting and what do we get … just another day in the life of an FSC challenge.  What more could a girl ask for.  So much fun in one little project.

Whilst Skyping with Irene the other day I started a little book with a very pretty cover which was made with the faux leather technique

To begin with there was a little problem with this challenge as my collection of stamps makes it very hard for me to choose a particular favourite one to go to and I have to admit that at first I was a little stumped.  (Love them all how could I choose a fave.)  Then all of a sudden the penny dropped and I new which was my ‘favourite go to stamp’.

When doing any of my background pages a script stamp is invariably what I make a bee line for.  Doesn’t matter which one as long as it’s script.

Here are a couple of the pages inside my little book and if you look closely at the background pages I am sure you will see what I am talking about.

There are loads more pages in the book but as usual no time to take a pic of them all.


I would love it if you hopped on over to see all the DT’s work as they are simply stunning.  Also don’t forget that the winner of this challenge has $20 to choose anything they like from Flonz’s store.


Some More New Stamps

Quickie post showing a card made with images from some more new stamps which I have bought recently and only just got around to using.

Middle lady is a set from darkroom door called ‘Just My Style’ and the other two ladies are from Studio 490.


New Year, New Stash At VSC

Happy New Year to each and every one of you and welcome to my first project of 2015 which also happens to be the first challenge at VSC.

Vintage Stamping Challenges has a challenge theme this month of New Year, New Stash.  This means you can make anything with all that new stash you received over Christmas.

This is one of those projects that I had no idea where it was going until the very end.  I can never be accused of over thinking my makes because each one just takes on a life of it’s own along the way.  This one is designed along the lines of a matchbox and has three tags inside which hang freely when opened.  The front has a stamped tissue paper image which I lightly coloured.

The first two pics shows the box and the sides, the next two is when the inside is pulled open revealing a stamped eye image.


When the drawer is opened everything slides out and lays flat.  This is where my imagination went into overdrive and I used the Ticket Strip die to attach the tags.


Below you can see how the tags swing freely and all the detail of the stamping.


Each tag has some amazing stamped images from Flonzcrafts on them plus each has been lightly coloured.


To enter this month’s challenge just click Mr Linky at the bottom of the VSC web page and maybe it could be you who wins the $20 from Flonz’s store. Please visit the DT’s blogs for more inspiration and also it would be nice to leave them some love.