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Wallet Pop Out Card

Being a crafty person all my life (especially sewing, quilting, knitting and cross stitch) my journey into cardmaking started about 15 years ago.  Now there wasn’t very much about, no C&C and certainly no die cutting machines or dies.  I still have the very first Sizzix die cutting machine gathering dust in the cupboard … what a machine that was!!!

Over the 15 years my crafting has definitely changed but I am so glad that I started all those years ago as some of the things I learnt (especially about kinetic cards) have stayed with me.

  Love all the painting, stencilling, embossing, inking and loads more which now gets incorporated into my work but I still love the challenge of making something that has the wow factor when opened.

My classes are mainly cardmaking and I have decided the girls need refresher courses in some of the cards they have made in the past.  You can see the original card here which was five years ago and below is the updated version.

We made a gatefold card last time round and this time it’s a wallet style card.  There is a little hidden magnet which keeps the card closed.


Used a stencil for when the little front piece drops down and the word imagine was highlighted  with a white pen.


Now comes the exciting bit, the explosion of paper when the wallet is fully opened.  Did a different fold this time round and also fluted the edges.


Irene and myself are still facetiming and this week we have been making a junk journal which is so different from the above card but that’s the beauty of crafting.  Can’t wait to show you the finished book.