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Black Rose – Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy


Well knock me down with those feathers …. I don’t usually take pictures of my commissioned cards but this one is an exception because it is for a very special lady, I don’t know the lady who the card is being given to but the brief for the card was as follows:

A black rose on the front of the card in 3D, the lady is very glamorous and would sometimes wear feathers in her hair, likes diamant√©s, the rose had to go in the middle of the card, her name, a particular verse and the date of the birthday on it. When I read all of that I thought not my cup of tea …. this is going to be a Barbara Cartland card …. until I read further down the brief and it said the card was for the mother of the late great Phil Lynott, then everything made sense.

Phil Lynott was a rock legend and part of the very huge hit band in the 70’s called Thin Lizzy. Those of you in blog land, unless you were part of the seventies era, will probably not have heard of the band, but all you others will have. Such a brilliant person, and my husband was a huge big fan of his in his youth. If you would like to read more about Phil and Thin Lizzy just take a look here.

Anyway back to the card decided it had to be quite simple looking …. otherwise as I said very Barbara …. you know the rest. Also could understand the brief loads more because one of Thin Lizzy’s Albums was called Black Rose, again if you want to see more info look here. Would have liked to put a black feather with the white but none in stash, tried red ribbons but they didn’t look right so went with the burgandy.

Well that’s my 15 mins of fame …. gonna milk this and dine on it for years …. blah blah …. did I tell you when I made …. you get the picture.