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Dream Machine

Two firsts today, things that I wasn’t allowed to do because of my leg injury,  remember the falling off the fence episode, well I can do both again.

First is being allowed to swim again, really missed the swimming.  Definitely a morning girl, leave the house around 7.30am and in the pool for 7.50am.  Not into all that gym malarky but I’ve been a member of the Amber Springs Leisure Centre for about two years and because of the times I go for the most part I am the only person in the pool.  It’s just amazing, feels like my own private swimming pool.  Usually swim for around an hour before heading home.

Second I can drive my car again.

About driving my car, don’t think I mentioned that Andrew bought me my dream car … only had it for just over a month and for the last two weeks it has been stuck outside the house.  This car is something I have wanted for absolutely years but never thought I would ever own.

It’s my very own MINI to float my bones about, how super cool is that!!!  She’s the bees knees.  Yep it’s a she of course.


I go home fairly regularly to see the family but sadly because the grandchildren are growing up (Amber at University, Alex in college and Lauren in her early teens) this means that Ireland doesn’t have the same appeal that it used to.  They loved coming here as youngsters because we are only 12 mins from the beach, so every summer they would be here.  This meant that my car had to accommodate us all hence the seven seater people carrier … but no more, I have my dream machine.  Thanks Andrew you are one amazing and generous husband.

Guess what … Amber, Alex and Lauren all said they want it.  Sorry kids it’s all mine!!!!


Congratulations My Beautiful Granddaughter

How proud is this grandma and grandad today???


Amber passed her theory test first go and now she has just passed her driving test first time round with zero minors.  This is quite rare apparently.

How cool is that at 17?

Mummy and daddy have already bought her first car for her … just the insurance to find now!!!  Good luck with that Amber.


Here Comes 2014 – Just Go For It

Happy New Year Everyone

Whatever this year brings my advice is


Instead of looking back at my best makes of 2013 (let’s face it, you’ve seen them all before, why on earth would you want to take a second peek), I am going to share with you a trip down memory lane to show that you just don’t know what’s around the corner.

My very first post for 2014 has come about because of my last post in 2013 which you can see here.

A few of your wonderful comments made me smile. The lovely Sylvia-Anne asked if I had really worked at the BE in Kuwait and also my super DT sister Ellie thought I was telling porkies.

Well it’s all true, I worked at the British Embassy from 1994 – 2000 and Andrew worked for the Kuwaiti government from 1993 – 2001.

Kuwait happened for Andrew and I at a very low point in our lives. Andrew had been out of work for 8 months plus the UK was in a really bad recession. He started applying for jobs abroad and got work in Kuwait. This was such a scary time in our lives. To just up and go on our own to work and live in a foreign country, leave all our family and friends behind. Also the 1st Gulf War had just ended, well just say that I cried a lot. At our ages to leave the UK and all our loved ones behind was just unreal but needs must and off we went.

We were only going to stay for one year, get back on our feet and go back to the UK again. How wrong can anyone be … because we loved it so much we ended up staying SEVEN YEARS.

Sharing just a couple of pics about our time there. This is me having tea with Prince Charles (you read right … Prince Charles, all true Ellie) and a copy of the invite letter. Sadly Andrew wasn’t invited to this event.

Afternoon Tea With CharlesAfternoon Tea With Charles 1Invite Letter

Here are a few receptions that Andrew and I attended whilst we were in Kuwait. The best of these was when we were invited onto the Royal Yacht Britannia. She was making her final voyage before being decommissioned in December 1997. On board also was Margaret Thatcher. Great night but sadly Andrew again missed out because he was ill but we were lucky enough to get a private viewing, a few days before, of the Royal Yacht by some of the crew before the reception.

Met the Duke Of York twice and also met Princess Anne once. She only shook my hand, asked my name and said hello but she spoke to Andrew for a good 10 minutes about his work. Meeting Tony and Cheri Blair was another highlight of our time out there.

Duke Of YorkQueen's Birthday InviteNew Zealand Invite

At the time the first photo was taken I was showing around a visitor from the FCO who was taking photos of the new Consular section waiting room which had just been built (where I worked). As you do I threw myself onto one of the new seats and started posing. Me thinks he was going to delete the photo but low and behold a few weeks later a letter arrived in the diplomatic bag with this pic in it. Another pic of me at an evening reception in the embassy grounds with some of the crew of HMS Southampton. That was a great weekend and we also went aboard her.

Another fabulous time was when we were invited by the Ambassador of New Zealand and Commander Ross Smith of HMNZS Te Kaha to a reception on board ship.

The other two pics are of the Iraqi border and my son standing beside one of the patrol guards.

Consular SectionHMS SouthamptonIraq BorderIraq Border Checkpoint

The writing actually says:

U.S Military & Civilian Personnel
Kuwait – Iraq Border
3 Kilometers Ahead

Now did you notice that it only says US Military & Civilian Personnel, hey what about us BRITS!!!


New Neighbours Again

Just had to capture this pic of Penny we have new neighbours again we have different ones at least 4 times a year. Poor Penny is never amused and just stares willing them to go away.

Here are the neighbours who Penny is giving the evil to.

Can you see all that uncut grass … what a pain … on Sunday Andrew was out mowing the grass, he got 10 mins from the end and the mower packed in … one very unhappy bunny.

Lastly the pic below is a view from our bedroom window … oh so quiet and peaceful.

No pics of Byron because he is under house arrest we walk him on the lead. Just can’t trust him off as we have rabbits all over the place and he keeps trying to catch them by sticking his body into their warrens he comes back absolutely filthy, covered in mud and dirt.


Times Gone By

Over at Fashionable Stamping Challenges this fortnight the theme is

Times Gone By

I am sure this is everyone’s fave theme for stamping as it allows you to make virtually anything you like. Dot has added lots of info for your inspiration which led me to put a little info of my own below.

I chose to show you the last two pages of an album I have made which shows two pics on tags … one of a much younger Andrew in fancy dress with his mates and one of Andrew’s Dad (Tom) sitting on the lap of his parents.

Also want to bore you with a little piece about Andrew’s Dad who sadly isn’t with us any more but can you believe the family only learnt this piece of info at his funeral.

Tom’s mum married a Canadian but he went back to Canada without her and she followed later.
She booked her passage to Canada to be with her husband but at the last minute she couldn’t go because she became ill so she cancelled and booked another passage for later.

Thank goodness she did her first voyage would have been on the …

TITANIC which sank on 15th April 1912 – can imagine what would have happened … no Tom … no Andrew.

Anyway she eventually made it to Canada and into the arms of her husband, as you can guess, Tom was born in 1913.
The First World War broke out and Tom’s dad had to go and do his bit, that left Tom’s mother all alone in Canada so she decided to book a passage home to England and take Tom with her.

Can you believe what happened she broke her arm so could not make the crossing so again she cancelled and made another booking for later.

Wait for it … can you guess what was the name of the ocean liner she cancelled to go home on …

LUCITANIA – which was torpedoed and sank on 7th May 1915 – again can you imagine … no Tom … no Andrew.
How amazing was that, Andrew’s grandmother was definitely meant to be on this earth and here is the pic of Tom with his parents … awww

To enlarge smaller images, please hover over with mouse.

You really must take a peak at all the Design Teams pieces they are truly inspirational


New Baby In The Family

Me again just thought you would like a quick look at the new arrival to our family … his name is Byron and he is just the cutest little guy you have ever seen. Penny, at the moment is not amused … playing hard to get me thinks, but as long as Byron keeps looking at her with those adorable eyes he will win her heart.

I know naughty Shirley … Byron on the table … tut tut … trust me it is a one off but he looked so cute just had to take the pics.


Just What You’ve All Been Waiting For … Holiday Pics

Wahoo it’s the boring time of holiday photos from Turkey – only a few I promise.
Amber and myself having a pedicure … she was so excited, it was her first time as you can see in her face.
Alex, Amber and Lauren in the next pic … and all three look as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth.
We want to say a huge thanks to our Son and daughter-in-law Claire for inviting us to go with them on this wonderful holiday … x x x x
01 02 030405060701001101201301401501601802001902102202302402602502903002702802688

We all had a fabulous time … Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my fave pics.


The Not So Royal Couple

Amber and Alex two of my granchildren
and what do they look like



Thank You Amy

Look what I received in the post today this scrummy yummy card from my teemie sister AMY.
This little guy takes pride of place, on my crafting shelf … where else would it sit … so everyone can see him.
Here is Amy’s blog so go see the other beautiful creations she has made.


Such a lovely thing to do Amy it just made my day, a big hug and smile coming your way.
Wahoo inside the card was a little surprise, some beautiful flowers … how lucky am I.


Fluffy White Stuff Still Coming


Pictures of hubby and Penny walking in the garden …. I know where’s the garden!!!

This has been with us since Saturday and still no let up, one added bonus though, Andrew has been home all week, but on the down side …. less crafting done.