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Pretty Victorian Bobbin

Not long back from the UK for Alex’s birthday, he has just turned 16!!!!   Flitting back and forth to the UK for my three grandchildren’s birthdays is the norm for me at this time of year.

Being at home this time worked out really well as I was able to go to the Sandown Park Craft Show.  Clare, Lauren and myself even managed to get into a make and take with the MDF Man.

For this week’s class instead of making a card we made a very pretty Victorian Bobbin Reel.  This was done with a toilet roll and two die cut circles.  The classes are only two hours long, which always extends into three, so the girls didn’t get to finish and had to take home to complete.

Long time since I have done pretty pretty and this ‘Bobbin Reel’ is extremely sweet looking.


When the bow is untied the linen, lace and burlap, which I stitched one on top of the other to form a band, unravels and reveals some very pretty ephemera inside.


The sewing machine even made an appearance along with some white paint but I went quite sparingly with the stamping.


Most of the things used on this piece are all elements that didn’t make the muster on other projects so were thrown into a bit box.


Graphic 45 are some of the papers used inside the roll which is such a great way to use up those odds and ends of paper snippets.






Gentleman’s Pen Holder

How guilty do I feel today?  Andrew asked if he could take his pen holder to put on his desk today.

So where does the guilty feeling come from???  I made this 3 months ago and it has been sitting on my desk ever since.  I wouldn’t let hubby take to work until I had photographed it.

Well me and photo taking is still not a match made in heaven but how bad am I to make hubby wait this long?  Shame on ya girl!!!!

Andrew actually brought home the toilet rolls from work for me to make these crafting implement holders for my craft room.  You can see the first one here.

He really liked what I made so asked if I could make one for him.  Cock-a-hoop and thrilled to bits as this was the first thing he has asked me to make specially for him.

It turned out rather well and has the look of leather, just like those expensive pen holders on a Victorian gentleman’s desk.

All done and dusted hunny so you can have it to sit on your desk (sorry)!!!

Pen Holder 1Pen Holder 2Pen Holder 3

I have another one which I want to show as soon as I have taken the pics.

Do you remember Mr Key Box here, well he is nearly finished.  I found this key which I want to put on the front of the box but it needs two holes drilled into the wood and Andrew is waiting for me to tell him where the holes should be!!

Key 1Key


Craft Tool Holder From Recycled Jumbo Toilet Roll

Hubby brought a few jumbo sized toilet roll holders home from work for me and I recycled into this craft tools holder.

The four items in the holder are what I am always searching for on my desk.  I use them so often and consequently they are the things I lose under other crafting goodies on my desk.  Now I have this little gem in front of me I am hoping they won’t get lost again!!!


Used papers, paints, inks, molding paste, dies, stamps, edging punch and gilding wax.

This shows how large the jumbo toilet rolls are and because they are for industrial use they are so much sturdier than the normal toilet roll.