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Something Different To Show

I have been making scrapbook albums ever since Amber was born (she is now nearly 15) but never think to show my pages. I have been inspired to do just that because on Sunday I went to a crop (don’t usually go to these) and made two LO pages … you know me they turned out nothing like the original LO pages which Isobel did.

What I have decided to do is dedicate a separate blog/page/whatever … left the problem with Andrew to work out … told him exactly what I want it to be like and he can work his magic behind the scenes. Have already loads I can show but … always that niggly little but with me … it’s the photographing … going to have to get over this laziness of taking photos, if you could see all the work I do but just too lazy to take the piccies.

Anyways you will be pleased to hear the first lot I am showing are for my son and grandson. Yes I do make things for them … just not very often. Alex is 12, my only grandson, we have a little joke between us. I am always saying … “who is grandma’s favourite grandson” and his reply is always the same: “Me, I’m the only one grandma”. Definitely wearing thin with him now! When he was little he loved it, that was before he realised why I could say he was my favourite.

No pics on the layout as yet because there are so many to choose from and I want the right ones. I have made these two LO’s so that they carry on from each other when put side by side.

The next lot of pics are just close ups. They also show the stitching in more detail and the stencilling with the inks.

This bottom pic shows what they look like side by side.

Isobel’s original layout which I thought was amazing.