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All About Winter or Spring At FSC

FSC wants to see ‘Winter or Spring’ this month which the lovely Caro picked as the theme.

I went for Spring with my DT piece and as you can see love is definitely in the air with this make.

Unusual for me to have hearts on my card but because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I made this for Clare to give to JP.

The script heart stamp is a discontinued one but it was made by Anita’s and the LOVE stamp is from Studio 490.


Showing the card that my Saturday class made which was mainly about the water colouring and die cutting.

The backgrounds on both cards were water coloured and I used the die cuts for dry embossing rather than cutting out.

Apart from the flowers and birds which were cut out and glued on afterwards.


Both cards together.



Handmade Paper Roses

I mentioned in my last post about the roses I was making with copy paper and paint.  The roses were incidental to what I was actually doing.

My ultimate plan was to make my own sprays with acrylic paints so I was actually experimenting.  The results were amazing and because the testing of the sprays was onto copy paper it made for some very interesting backgrounds.  Hence the handmade paper roses.  No die cuts were used, I just tore some freehand spirals and then rolled into roses.  Another revival of an old technique which was dredged up from the back of my mind.


The acrylic paints used in my experiment are from Reeves and they worked very well.

The leftover test paper gave me the perfect opportunity to use the newest die to my collection …  Jourdana.  This added an extra little feature on the card.

The die is very similar to the TH Mixed Media one but I find this quite small and I wanted to be able to cut a larger area.


More paper roses but this is only a sneak peak because I haven’t finished the hanger yet.



Join FSC With Blots And Splashes

FSC is having a Blots & Splashes theme for this month’s challenge and this canvas was made with loads of painty blots and splashes.

Crafty Skype buddy Dot is far more organised than me because she started her piece for FSC whilst on one of our Skype sessions and all I did was play around making roses with copy paper.  Ahhhh but the card I made with those roses is gorgeous.

Anyways onto my canvas where I have used another Indigo Blu beauty, she was bought at the same time as her Best Friend.

Used the Tim Holtz Wildflower dies to make the flowers plus I used the same paint to colour in.  Flicked white paint over the canvas and blotted away a lot of the excess.


Here you can see some close ups which shows more clearly the splashes which were achieved with the Tim Holtz stencil Splatters.


I would love it if you hopped on over to see all the DT’s work as they are simply stunning.  Also don’t forget that the winner of this challenge has $20 to choose anything they like from Flonz’s store.


Sticky Backed Canvas

Bet I’m not the only one with the dreaded cold but thankfully it’s nearly gone.  Didn’t feel like making anything so I am showing something that I made about 8 months ago.  It was when Irene was over for a holiday and we toured the West of Ireland.

Had a play with sticky backed canvas which I stuck onto one of the pages of a little gatefold album.  Used DI inks and also a mask from Andy Skinner called ‘Made To Measure’.  Only used elements from this mask but I also used two other masks which I can’t remember the names of.


Might not have made anything this week but I have been playing with my Christmas Present.

Wahooooo I got a Brother Scan and Cut.  Been having the time of my life with loads of paper being scanned.  Finally cut into some of those G45 papers that were bought only for stroking.


Remember John Doe

The CSI team have been hard at work and they think they know what John Doe looked like when he was alive.  No name at the moment just a face.

If you know who he is please leave a comment.


Tried to make the scull on this tag look as if it is an x ray image, extremely pleased with how it turned out.

He definitely looks not of this world … very ethereal looking but not in a fairytale way.



France Is In Our Thoughts

Thank you everybody for your kind comments on the tag I made yesterday as I know out there in blogland it is total bewilderment.

Just a little excerpt from a comment that Dot left …
“Lives lost, lives changed forever, and those feeling overwhelmed with what is happening in our world”.

Today I am showing the second tag I have made.



Total Shock And Bewilderment

We all have Paris in our thoughts at the moment.



Blue Is Beautiful

Started this page a while back but because I caught Mr Nasty Cold have only just got around to finishing.

Have a few journalling books on the go, this one is the A4 size.


The photos below shows the first half of the two pages with a few added embellishments.


The second side I decided on no embellishments because I wanted to keep it uncluttered



Live In The Moment

Metal embellishments aren’t usually my thing (even though I have loads of them).  Decided to change all that and in the future I will use as many as I can on my work.

Two down umpteen to go.
(Wonder how long this will last.)



Flicking And Dripping White Paint

Crafty friend came to stay last weekend where she joined in with my class.  As you can imagine it was chaos but very enjoyable and hugely funny.  It sure cheered me up I can tell you.

Whilst waiting for the class to start we had a play around in my craft room with some new PB stamps of mine.  We inked onto watercolour card before stamping the flowers.

Finally finished my piece by adding a Scribbly Bird stamp by Dina Wakley which I coloured with chalk inks and paint.  Dribbled white acrylic paint in the right hand corner before flicking with more paint.

I am sure Crafty friend hasn’t even looked at hers yet let alone finished it!!!


The close up shows the stencilled flowers and the modelling paste which I coloured over the top.


This is the journal page which the girls and crafty friend made in the class, very different from the above make.  Much more vibrant and very Autumnal looking.


How different each journal page looked from the next.  We used Gelatos for the background colours with loads of stamping and stencilling.


Well done girls by the time we had finished each page looked stunning.