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Memory Album Day

Hi girls count down to Memory Album Day – Sunday, 4th July.

I will be making a list of materials which you will need to bring with you on the day … on a daily basis …. as I work out what they will be ha ha!!!

You will definitely need two photos size 5 1/4 x 3 3/4 inches …. one photo is for the front of the album so pick wisely.

These two photos are a must but other photos can be added to the album at a later date.

Please check right side bar (Sunday Memory Album Day)

for more information on materials you need to bring with you.

Only one more day to go girls, I know you are so looking forward to it. No sneak peak this time showing the whole of the page. This is my son John-Paul aka JP and as I am sure you can guess it’s a picture from his Graduation Day. Dare I say it …. why not …. long time ago. Can’t stop myself, just had to show you another part of the album …. this picture is of both my boys …. Michael and JP …. but the 64,000 dollar question is …. which one is JP??? Will show all the album put together after the class tomorrow.


Sorry for lack of posting but my brother and his wife literally landed on our doorstep unexpected for a holiday. It was such a lovely surprise, but as usual these things happen when there is lots going on. Anyway girls here is a sneak peak – check out that photo, it’s from Andrew’s 40th birthday party …. we were in Kuwait at the time and the bash was held at the British Embassy, I was working there and permission was given to arrange the surprise party. Andrew knew nothing about it because the week leading up to the bash he was ill in bed. I felt so cruel at the time because I whinged that I wanted to go out the night of his birthday and even though he was only just recovering he agreed …. wow what a night.


2 Responses to “Memory Album Day”

  1. Irene Chillman says:

    Love the memory page Shirl. You both look so young.

  2. Jenny T says:

    Great day Shirley, can’t wait to finish it on Wednesday, still mad i’d to leave early. 🙁

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