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Postcard Journey

Darcy’s Postcard Challenge
Here is album being started

When you start reading this you will see that I am a hopeless romantic 😕 this is probably going to read like a Mills & Boon novel as it progresses over the year 😀 Not even sure if I am on the right lines of how this should be written or how my story is going to progress through the year but it’s going to be a lot of fun finding out.

What are my characters names, where do they live, work and how did they meet???

Silly me asked Andrew’s advice about the male in this story – his advice was …
make him a Soldier and call him Major Disaster needless to say advice not taken!!!

My postcard journey starts with me revealing the names and addresses of my characters – to find out how they met, exchanged names and addresses also for the unfolding of the story you will have to come back each week to read each and every POSTCARD … all 52 of them 😎

Olivia Amber Loren

Aged 28, address: Lucy’s Haven, Swallow Mews, Willow Lane, London

Olivia was named and brought up by her Romany Grandmother Tshilaba more of why she was brought up by her grandmother as the story unfolds. Olivia is a well renowned classical concert pianist who travels all over the globe.

Tyler Alex Andrews

Aged 34, address: Wychwood House, Upper Monbay Drive, London

ahhh Tyler, handsome, debonair, owner of a multi billion pound banking company and very handsome … gave Olivia a friend’s address not his own … why????

Addresses above are all my own imagination so please don’t try and write to Olivia & Tyler 😉
My postcards start with Tyler sending the first postcard when he is in AUSTRIA on business … let the story begin!!!

Wahoo got my melting pot out and used it as you can see with the silver metal looking thingy on the front of the album cover. The actual postcard scene I stamped and embossed the tree images with white embossing powder then brayered over with TH DI … Stormy Sky, Iced Spruse and Pumice Stone. Each of the pockets will hold two postcards, have tried all the 52 postcards in the album and everything is AOK phewww.


29 Responses to “Postcard Journey”

  1. irene chillman says:

    Love it Shirl, absolutely brilliant, love the names and addresses, so glad you didn’t make Tyler poor and ugly, lol. Adore everything about it, can’t wait for the rest. Didn’t know you owned a melting pot, you should use it more often, that’s a cool silver metal looking thingy. Awesome.
    Irene xx

  2. Gosh, this is BEAUTIFUL! So much work has gone into producing the postcard and the storage book. Interesting start to your story too……:o)

  3. What an amazing piece of work. I have yet to even start my book and here’s yours all ready to go. Truly stunning…

  4. IRENE says:

    An amazing piece of work and a stunning blog. I love your creations.
    I can’t wait to read the next installment of your postcard challange.


  5. darcy says:

    wow so much work, you definately have the most elaborate book, it is truly beautiful.

    love the snowy postcard, perfect. Looking forward to next week.

  6. I am completely captivated and will be tuning in for the next instalment. Like you I am a hopeless romantic and when sitting with my little bits of this and that around me it is so easy to get caught up with a story in your mind. I take comfort in knowing I am not alone and don’t need to be worried for my sanity LOL.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, work. I would so love to be taking part in this as it is calling out my name.

  7. Alison xx says:

    Your postcard is beautiful and I already love your characters and can’t wait to read the rest. A xx

  8. lorig says:

    Beautiful artwork. Curious characters. It will be interesting to follow them on this journey.

  9. Cazro says:

    Your book is stunning. We do have similar tastes for mine is similar. Loving the start of your story, I will be tuning in each week to catch up on your Mills and Boon affair. Cazro

  10. Gina says:

    This is soooooooooo gorgeous!!! Haven’t read a mills and boon since I was pregnant with Shorty(21years ago, OD’d on 3 a day lol) looking forward to finding out about these 2 😀 XXX

  11. Love your postcard, your characters and especially your postcard album, stunning work. Hugs lin

  12. Craftywomble says:

    WOW your postcard is a mini-book right there in itself! I’ve always been a sucker for a good Mills and Boon storyline:)

  13. Claire C says:

    How beautiful Shirley, i’ll be following the romance with interest too.
    Beautiful postcard and the book is just stunning
    Claire xx

  14. Brenda Brown says:

    OMG this looks just fantabulous and soooo romantic. Love the names and start to this creative journey. I made a start with my book, but don’t know how much time I will have, but we’ll see. Looking forward to the next instalment – you old romantic you.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  15. doone says:

    there is nothing wrong with hopeless Romanticism and a heavy smattering of dusky pink, beautiful detailing , lovely story,


  16. Gorgeous book!! Love the embossed trees, wintery scene.

  17. Joan says:

    wow ! your book is amazing and I can’t wait for the next installment of your M&B romance !


  18. Kimber says:

    Your book turned out great! Lovely postcard too. Your characters are going to be great fun to follow along with week by week! Can hardly wait!

  19. cynthia says:

    Gorgeous book, so colorful. Postcard beautiful and love the processes you’ve used. Looking forward how your characters and story unfold.

  20. Helen says:

    WOW Shirl, this is all amazing, love your book and card, can not wait to see what develops in your story next week and following weeks 🙂 Helen xx

  21. How cool, it sounds like a wonderful project and I’m looking forward to the next ones 😉

  22. teri says:

    What beautiful techniques you have used! Very rich and lush.

  23. fabiola says:

    très très beau, c’est superbe, je te souhaite une superbe année 2012, biz

  24. Janet says:

    Wonderful work. I am in awe. Why do I have a feeling this romance is going to have many obstacles to overcome?

    Janet xx

  25. Maz H says:

    Fabulous postcard, love the book too – it’s beautiful. x

  26. Your book and card are both utterly gorgeous, cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Spain xxx

  27. Jackie says:

    This is a wonderful start, love the postcard, album and story too…..

  28. Jenny Pearson says:

    Late joining in so playing catch up, great story line. Like the art work.
    Jen x

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