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Quilting Through The Year

Those were the days ahhhhh!!! Andrew and I lived in Kuwait for seven years and whilst there I met some amazing quilters who had set up a quilting class. I loved sewing and made my own clothes, curtains, cushions, novelty things like rag dolls, bags, Disney outfits but had never done quilting so I joined. Hooked or what, my time spent at those classes were fabulous.

Today I am showing you a Sunbonnet Sue All Through The Year quilt which I made for my first granddaughter a few years ago. Quilting is partly about preciseness and neatness which is sadly how my mind works … a right pain sometimes. Samplers are a good way to start but appliqué was the way I veered off and I loved every minute of the making. Still love my sewing but the cutting out plays havoc on my hands so I don’t make quilts anymore. In actual fact I use my rotary cutters and quilters rule for my cardmaking now (very useful) … I very rarely use a paper trimmer at all.

Lots of photos because this quilt is showing every month of the year, I have even added some cross stitch into the quilt … you do this by using waste canvas which is water soluble.

Can honestly say that each time a square was finished just couldn’t wait to start the next. The part I disliked the most is the tacking of the top layer to the wadding and bottom layer but when this was done I so looked forward to all the hand stitching to attach everything, all those swirls and hearts are hand stitched

This pic show most of the quilt.  Phewww all those french knots on the Christmas tree … labour of love.

January, February, March and April.

May, June, July and August

September, October, November, December.


3 Responses to “Quilting Through The Year”

  1. irene chillman says:

    Having seen your quilt Shirl, I can say, sorry but the pictures really don’t do it justice, it is the most stunning piece of work. October and November squares are my favourites. I’m sure it must bring back great memories for you and Andy of your time in Kuwait.
    Irene xx

  2. Paula says:

    Hi Shirl, OMG this an amazing piece of sewing. Each individual square is a mini piece of artwork. Bet it looks gorgeous in the flesh. As you know I have just started sewing and I love it, don’t think I could ever create something of this fantastic quality though. I’m going to check out your new video tutorial later. X

  3. Wonderful quilting. All these bright colors and images, so fantastic.

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