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New Foray

Well here goes … this is my first foray into the world of journalling …
basically it’s me finally attacking a new venture of Art Journalling.

Long post so sit down with a cuppa/wine and let the

Journey Begin

Went to a craft extravaganza in Athlone yesterday hosted by Kate from Create With Kate and joined Karen’s class where a few of us started on another journey in the world of crafting. Wish you could have seen us, we had such a ball plus my fingers look as if they have been living in a coal bucket.

I have been dabbling for ages … just haven’t had enough confidence to show all the weird experiments which I have been doing.

Come on you all know what it’s like when you try something new nothing is good enough. I just needed a gentle shove in my confidence and that is what I got from Karen yesterday so a huge thank you sweetie pie because this is where my journey into journalling will begin.

I bought the Dylusions Journal but will definitely NOT be using until I am ready … that’s the neat freak in me, just don’t want to mess it up … OK those little minds are whirring and saying … “but isn’t this a messy craft Shirley”!!!! … I know sad or what 😯

We started three pages in a gorgeous book which we were given (guess what I didn’t want to mess this up either, just wanted to stroke it) using different mediums so below you will see the before piccies and one of the pages completely finished .. tah dah … here goes … what do you think?

Be gentle with those comments please I feel fragile enough with this new venture!!!! 😀 but also I would like your comments on where you think I am going wrong. The quicker I learn the quicker I can use my new book (ummmm maybe, might just stroke this forever)… enough of the waffling here goes …

Before piccies which I really was very pleased with.
When I showed my work to Andrew this morning I so wished I had the camera in my hand, the look on his face was priceless. I’m sure he was thinking …

OMG not sure which Shirley I would rather have. The one who used to clean the house like a maniac and move all the furniture so that in the night I bumped into something which wasn’t there the day before or the Shirley who spent so much money on card stuff and hasn’t used most of it. Wow what is this going to cost me now!!!!

He of little faith, wait until he knows there is a buyer out there just waiting to part with mega bucks for one of these pages!!! Seriously, he never said a word.

Relax babykins I have most of the stuff … (she says with her fingers crossed behind her back only a little white lie, OK maybe a huge whopper).

This is one of the pages finished and I am totally in love with it … can’t wait to finish the other two … wahoo.

In Karen’s book, she had a page which I fell in love with and I so want to make someday, so watch this space for more pages in my little book … still not using my new dylusions book just yet.


9 Responses to “New Foray”

  1. Margie D says:

    Oh Shirl, I know exactly where you are coming from and would have loved to be at this class where you seem to have given yourself permission to just play! I’ve got lots of paints, sprays etc and am just starting my journey. I just need to let go and see where I get to but isn’t it so scary just looking at the clean, blank pages of a journal. Well done on making such a great start.

  2. Deb Ochs-LaGrone says:

    Beautiful pages Shirl, I haven’t done the journaling thing yet…maybe someday.
    A Look Through My Eyes

  3. Golly Shirley I am majorly impressed and I reckon also in love with the page with the house, path etc! Can’t explain why its so capturing but it is. If this is your start point then my money is on you being FAB-U-LOUS at journalling. This is really wonderful Shirley! Nicola x

  4. Fliss says:

    These are stunning Shirley and would never have guessed you’re new to journalling.
    Hugs, Fliss xx

  5. Dianne says:

    Shirl your pages are terrific!!!! I too just recently started art journalling. I recently took a class with Dina Wakely and it was so much fun! My hubbie says I’m turning into one of those “weird artists”. LOL. I hope you carry on with your art journalling as it is so much fun. (I too purchased a Dylusions journal which I’m saving until I get better.)

  6. Silvia says:

    Shirley it’s a wonderful start in a new adventure. Your pages are fabulous.

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  8. Great work Shirley. The finished pages look great. I am so glad you enjoyed the class. I think there should be more playtime classes out there. We sometimes get too serious about our crafting. It’s great to let go, get messy and have fun!

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