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The Great Craft Shake Up

Enough is enough I am starting something today that is well overdue and I mean well overdue.
Could not bear to look at the dust, trailing cords and mess any more so started the big shake up in the craft room.

Not going very well at the moment because I keep coming across age ole makes that I haven’t posted before and started taken pics of them.

Gasped breath I hear, Shirl taking pics which she hates … truth be known, taking the pics is a better option than doing the great big tidy up of this rubbish tip called a craft room.

I have come across a few masterpieces which have never been shown. All right maybe not masterpieces … they are really things that in my opinion were never good enough to be blogged.

So very sorry about this girls in between the cleaning and to keep my sanity I am subjecting you to some of these not quite good enough thingies.

White Butterfly

Below is the before pics and somewhere down the line I will show the after pics.

Now some of you might think that this is already a tidy tip but the thing is that over the years the way I craft has changed. I still love the pretty pretty but now I love the grunge look with it. What this means is that I need more of the paints, stamps, inks, the messy stuff nearer to hand so hence the shake up in the room.

How lucky am I to have a son who did his degree in building management, this means he understands things like weight on shelves and what size screws to put in the wall to hold all those heavy crafting goodies. The shelves beside my desk, everything has to be removed so that I can put all my messy stuff on.

This is how it looks behind where I sit. The old unit came from our lounge and rather than throw it out I kept it for all my goodies. I can probably live with that as it is just a good clean and a little moving of things.

This is to the side of me and I can’t stand looking at the mess anymore so thinking caps on as to what I can do with it!!!

Just beside my desk is Andrew’s huge corner. Now don’t get me wrong I do love that we both can sit in the same room and have our own little hobbies but look how much space he is depriving me of and how untidy do those trailing wires look!!!! This space has to change …..

Coooeee just found another masterpiece off to take a pic. This tidy up might take longer than I thought 😀

Oh to have a beautiful custom built craft room … over to you hubbykins.


8 Responses to “The Great Craft Shake Up”

  1. Andrew says:

    Hmmmmm. If my “huge corner” gets any smaller I’ll be sitting UNDER my desk rather than AT it!

  2. Dots Dabbles says:

    Maybe Andrew could build another room…just for his stuff!!!!

  3. Irene Chillman says:

    Good luck with the tidy up Shirl, I think you have to much stash, you need to off load some of it to your favorite SIL. Tell Andy he has got to stop taking up so much space his corner is to BIG. lol. And as for the not quite good enough thingy, it’s gorgeous.
    Irene xx

  4. Ann Marie says:

    I love those shelves on the side of you that you hate to look at.. I have shelving like that too and I bought lovely square baskets to put every thing in… you can use clear plastic cases and label them or just the rectangular baskets. I am in a converted garage space that I share with other storage and my washer/dryer so I am limited until I move into my craft room one day…but I just love those baskets for all my paper, dies, etc…hope that helps. xxx Ann Marie

  5. Ellie Knol says:

    I think you’re wrong – it looks to me that Andrew has a tiny little space … hehe

  6. Brenda Brown says:

    Lovely ‘find’ Shirley and what a fabulous HUGE space you have to work in, wish mine was as big. By the way does the big tidy up mean you are expecting me soon? LOL
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  7. Shirley says:

    First, love your tag, beautiful soft colours & texture. Oh my how I love to see other crafter’s workspace. I guess I should blog mine at some point. Looks like you have lots of shelves with ‘stash’ which is pretty much what my place is like. My husband took the doors of the closet (sliders that got in the way), and built shelves into it. Yay more room for more stash! I love to go through everything and give away what I no longer use. Sorry this turned into a long comment ! Good luck with the re-organization! Shirleyx

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