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Nuts And Bolts Album

I love these nuts and bolts albums but I haven’t got the ruler binder which is how they are usually made so improvised and did my own version.

My crafty friend and I just laughed and laughed when we were making these. Now I didn’t have the cargo die which was needed for the front but she did (have it now). She also supplied the hinge die on the end, this is where I added molding paste through Tim’s Measured Stencil so it looked reasonably similar. What did I supply you ask … the nuts and bolts, oh and the card for the inners. My version is finished, not sure about hers!!! I have also just finished another but this time very much plainer and less inking. It actually looks quite elegant … well compared to this one it does.

Nuts & Bolts Album

Each page is loaded with heavenly collaged stamping. There are more pages to it but got fed up with the photo taking so jumped to the rather plain back page.

Nuts & Bolts 1Nuts & Bolts 2Nuts & Bolts Album 3


17 Responses to “Nuts And Bolts Album”

  1. Irene Chillman says:

    Love it Shirl, absolutely gorgeous stamping, as usual, definitely need to make one of these.
    Have a good weekend.
    Irene xx

  2. Pat says:

    I love it shirl and no mine is not finished yettttt but getting there your stamping is just fab.
    So well done see you soon xxxx

  3. Meggymay says:

    Beautiful stamped pages, its a great project.

  4. Shirley says:

    Beautiful stamping in your nuts & bolts album. I’ve never heard of them but I’ve only made one album and slowly working on one scrapbook album. VERY slowly…. about two lay outs a year 🙂 Have a great weekend, Shirleyx

  5. Dot says:

    totally gorgeous Shirl! Love the stamping…and the looks amazing
    Dot x

  6. Dot says:

    *eye, that is – lol

  7. Anne R says:

    Your album is fabulous, it looks like a real ruler on the front, you did a fantastic job with the measured stencil! Love the beautiful stamping inside. I have one of those ruler edges so I may just try to make up a little album too – thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration. Hugs, Anne x

  8. butterfly says:

    Love that you’ve created your own ruler binding – it fooled my eyes completely! Fabulous little album… hope you’ll let us see the other pages some time!
    Alison xx

  9. Buttons says:

    This is good Shirley, seriously good. LOVE that front cover and you’ve been stamping up a storm inside. Jenny x

  10. Trace metcalfe says:

    This looks great ! Love the cover its fab x hugs x

  11. Brenda Brown says:

    Love your take on Tim’s album, your own ruler binder has worked a treat.
    hugs {Brenda} x0x

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  13. Avril says:

    Gorgeous little album, love the improvised binder – clever you. Great colour and stamping
    Avril xx

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  16. Monic says:

    Sublime bravoooooooo

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