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Notecard Book

This little notecard book started life as a play around with no particular theme at all.  When completing the inside pages my inspiration came from the First World War.

It is the centenary of the Great War this year which started on 3rd August 1914 with Germany declaring war on France and Belgium.  The following day 4th August, the United Kingdom declared war on Germany.  I am not sure that I could even imagine what the next four years must have been like for all the men, women and children involved.  It finally ended on 11th November 1918

My dad wasn’t even born when the war started he was born the year it ended.

Anyways the image of the soldier used on the notecard reminded me of this photo of my dad in his uniform.  Actually the photo is a postcard so not sure if it is an official army photo which they printed.

At the back of the photo my mum has written “Shortest one is Arthur Raymond House (my dad), Royal Berkshire Regiment while at Brock Barracks, Oxford Road, England”.  I am so glad she wrote that as to be quite honest I would not have known it was him.  I only came across some photos like this when she passed away and lucky for me she had written on the back of a few of them.  How handsome he looks in his uniform.  I have some more photos of my dad whilst in the Korean war (or as sometimes known the “Forgotten War”) which are definitely going into an album which I will then give to my son.


Printed off the image of the soldier on cardstock then framed his face.  Also printed off the image of the relaxing gentleman then painted his coat with the deep red gilding wax.  Also coloured the ladies face with it as well.



8 Responses to “Notecard Book”

  1. paper profusion says:

    This looks gorgeous Shirley. Nicola x

  2. What a beautiful and poignant notebook Shirley. I bet we all have stories from the wars which need commemorating (I know I have) and this is such a good way to do this. Jenny x

  3. Ellie Knol says:

    Love your little booklet!

  4. Pat says:

    Shirley I love this a lot of people will be trying to do the same with there old photos I’am going to give it a go away roll on July xxxx

  5. Anne R says:

    This is just lovely Shirl and like Pat says, lots of people will be doing this and quite rightly so, it is always good to remember such times. Anne xx

  6. Meggymay says:

    Beautiful project Shirley and so nostalgic.
    Yvonne x

  7. Dot says:

    Hi Shirley, what a lovely keepsake! You have done the memory of your dad proud and such a thoughtful thing it is to pass it on. We need to keep alive the love for those who fought so valiantly. A wonderful treasure to have.
    Dot x

  8. butterfly says:

    This is glorious, Shirl… I absolutely love the colour palette you worked with to create this beautiful family treasure – brilliant work! A wonderful way to honour your father and his contribution – so important to pass that knowledge on.
    Alison xx

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