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Posted By Mr Box

Wouldn’t you think after not having a PC for three weeks that Mrs S would be chomping at the bit to post some of the makes she has been working on?  Mr A took the day off work yesterday to set up the new system and install what he had backed up so she would be up and running.  But what does she do … has a play day today with her crafty friend … so I have decided to write the post for her about how she has finally transformed me from being a boring ole brown box to something stunningly beautiful.

Reminds me of the ugly duckling story.

My life first started when she bought me from the MDF Man in April 2013 at the Ally Pally craft show.  How excited was I to be taken home by Shirl because I knew she would transform me into something real cool and not just leave me as a boring plain MDF Box.

Wrong …  after we got home she cast me aside without another thought with all the other stash she had acquired.  Over the coming months she started using all the other stash bought but alas things just got piled on top of me and I was alone and forgotten.

Another mega clear out has just taken place at ‘Shirl’s Den’ where she came across me lurking under piles of dust and stash.  The den clear out was forgotten for a while as she went about working her magic on me.

She is just loving the tarmac technique (see her post HERE).  I must admit I had my doubts when she first started to paint me but I should never have entertained those thoughts.

Today I sit proudly on her desk beside her precious stamps and inks.  Inside of me is a spanking new art journal book  (which her crafty friend bought for her)  just waiting to be worked on.

OK final reveal  …. tah dah!!!
I even took more pics than Shirl normally does so that you can see all the stages of my re birth of an ugly duckling into a swan.  Sorry just got carried away a bit, wrong story.


These pics are the first stages where she covered me all over with embossed cardstock.  Then she painted me with the most hideous of colours.  You can also see where she took my cover off and started to add embellishments.  Not sure I wanted flowers on me but I wasn’t going to argue in case she threw me back on the dusty ole stash pile.


Uh oh, now this is the scary bit when she covered me all over with some black yukky sticky stuff.  Apart from anything else it smelt foul!!!   At this stage I just wanted to be back on my comfortable stash pile all dusty rather than smelly.  But then she started to wipe me off with a stinky smelling soft rag and as the last pic shows I started to transform.


How gorgeous do I look now and as proud as a Peacock.


Some more before and after shots.  Aren’t you glad I did this post and not Shirl, just look at all the pics you get.


Just had to show this one last because as it says … this is all about me and my journey.


Love From
Mr Box
x x x 

14 Responses to “Posted By Mr Box”

  1. Irene Chillman says:

    Brilliant Shirl, a fantastic box for your journal, love the step by step photos, glad your computer is now up and running.

  2. Dot says:

    LOL…a very clever write up Mr B! And kudos to Mrs S for such a beautiful make-over. I am most definitely going to give this technique a go, it looks absolutely fantastic.
    Dot x

  3. Avril says:

    I think you should employ Mr Box to do all of your posts Shirley – he’s so entertaining, and who wouldn’t be if they looked as stunning as that!
    Loved all the pics he took of his transformation – you certainly did a fabulous makeover. I really must try this technique.
    Have a great weekend,
    Avril xx

  4. Well Mr Box I love your transformation into a far more treasured possession. I doubt you will ever find yourself lurking at the bottom of a pile again! It was fascinating to see your progress from plain to wonderful. I look forward to seeing how the journal inside you now progresses. Jenny x

  5. coco says:

    Ooooh, this is FAB-U-LOUS Shirl!!!!! Love love love love this to bits!!!!! And your post is so funny, thanks a lot for this great moment I have had to read you and look at this wonderful book cover, WOW!! (I think I should return back to your previous posts to know how I could get the stuff needed maybe to apply this great technique…) Not sure I will get such wonderful results however lol 🙂 Hugs, have a lovely week-end Shirl. Coco xxx

  6. Shirley says:

    Wow that is beautiful, lots of texture that I love. Take good care, Shirleyx

  7. Silvia says:

    Wow-wow-wow… Shirley that blows me away, such a FANTASTIC piece of art. Really love it.

  8. Terry says:

    Shirley, I do apologize for not visiting you. For some reason, your blog link on my sidebar is not updating and I thought you were taking a break, a long break. Because you are on the Google +, when I click to reply, it will bring up a profile, but no blog link. Weird!!! Anyway, this is drop dead gorgeous! I just love all that texture and the colors are so what I love! Big Hugs and enjoy the weekend!

  9. Donna Ellis says:

    wowser, Shirl! This is gorgeous! Love the step by step tutorial – thank you for taking time to teach “me” like that – I would not have thought of all those steps on my own. GORGEOUS box, and truly remarkable with the colors, textures and finishes you selected. Thank you very much for sharing – of course I have pinned it! xo

  10. butterfly says:

    Wowzer… thanks for that, Mr Box – you must be so proud of yourself! What amazing colours and depth with the tarmac technique and the textures are beyond cool! Inspiration city!!
    Alison xx

  11. Annie says:

    Such a wonderful transformation in the most stunning style. This box will never be lost again and will store your wonderful treasured journal. Thank you so much for sharing the How To……take care and best wishes
    Annie x

  12. trace metcalfe says:

    what a wonderful creation , the textures and colours on this are amazing x

  13. Karen P says:

    I want this! A blooming fabulous and beautiful creation – got to check back when I have more time to see all the details of how you created this beauty! Karen x

  14. Pam Prosser says:

    What was the “black stuff?”

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