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Flimsy & Delicate But Very Beautiful

If it wasn’t for Andrew, the making of this flimsy and very delicate teensy weensy ‘Tea Bag Book’ could not have been possible.  Not being typically English of me but I have never formed a relationship with tea.  (Really can’t stand the stuff.)  I’m a REAL coffee drinker kinda gal, black and no sugar but if out for coffee and cake with friends then it’s a large LATTE with Starbucks being my fave.  None of your ole instant for this baby.

 Fashionable Stamping Challenges this fortnight have a theme of  “Heat It Up” which was picked by the lovely ‘Mrs B … as you know it’s Avril to you and me.

She looks really fed up but  I love this image which is why I decided to add her to the front of the album.  Left the back rather plain as there is so much going on elsewhere.

Andrew probably only drinks one cup of tea a day, so collecting used tea bags has been a struggle for me … he forgets to keep the used bag!!!!  Finally managed to dry out a few so this little book could see the light of day.

1st pic shows the used t-bags (dried) but with the tea emptied out.  2nd, details the stamping and embossing.  3rd, is where I have added an extra piece of paper onto the edge of the bags.  Because of the flimsiness of the bags I had to find something which wasn’t very heavy and a light manilla envelope was perfect for this.  Also distressed over with DI Vintage Photo.  4th, the reverse side of the bag where I have collaged some tiny images mainly from one of Tim Holtz collections.


1st pic shows some unused t-bags which I wanted to alter into little tags that fitted inside the square t-bags.  I had to open each bag individually, pour out the tea then flatten ready to make the tags.  2nd is the made up tags which had some stamped card fitted inside.  How this was done was to stamp and emboss some sentiments and quotes onto the card then these were placed inside the white tissue-like paper bag.  Again because it is only like a tissue paper you have to work very carefully with the materials.  Sealed the end with a Spellbinders cut down tag die .


More and more pics, this time with the album put together and displayed in all it’s glory.


Just about near the end of the photo showing and I really hope you enjoy looking at this album as much as I enjoyed making.



13 Responses to “Flimsy & Delicate But Very Beautiful”

  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Shirley,

    Still not seeing all photos on blogs and our office IT guy is just about out of ideas, but have read similar issues with other bloggers, but am hoping things might be on the up as I can see one of yours today so got a general idea of lovely inkiness.

    With you on the tea thing, in fact I detest the smell of it and being allergic to milk am an espresso girl, need three to kick start me in the mornings, the boys steer clear until I am humanised first thing.

    B x

  2. Shirl says:

    Hi Brenda I will have another word with Andrew and see what he can find out also.

    Thank you for your kind comment and glad you can see at least one of the pics.

    With you on the tea front, I too can’t stand the smell of it.

  3. Craftyfield says:

    Strictly black coffee, but amenable to sugar especially in an espresso, tea is strictly for visitors in this house! Suppose tea bags could be replaced by coffee filters… This vintage album is full of lovely details, the stamps are all great as are the TH photos & bits.

  4. Diana says:

    Just lovely. Hey Brenda My hubby is the one who stands away from me till I’ve had my coffee fiv. LOL.
    Nothing worst the a cheery person before coffee. The book is fun. Never thought of tes bags to stamp on. Do love using instant coffee on wet tags after staining with teabags.

  5. Anne R says:

    What a great idea to use tea bags! I can only imagine how wonderful your little book must look in real life, it is fabulous!

    I almost hate to admit this here with all you coffee girls, but I am a strictly tea drinker, except for the odd latte in Starbucks that is! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Meggymay says:

    Fabulous project Shirley. love how you used the teabags, will have to start saving some of mine. The details and pages in your book are all vintage at its very best.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Shirley says:

    Wow what an amazing & beautiful project! I am a Tea drinker, I love it (and I used to be a coffee drinker, but no longer touch it, gives me headaches and kept me awake at night, sensitive system). The images are fabulous and pefect for the size of T bags. I would love to watch you make the album. Enjoy the festive Season, Shirleyxx

  8. Irene Chillman says:

    It,s amazing what you can do with a few used teabags, ingenious idea to make a mini album with them, Shirl, love it.
    I xx

  9. Avril says:

    Love what you have done with the tea bags Shirley – loved all the pictures. Gorgeous images and stamping. Hubby drinks tea so I’ll have to save some bags and have a go at stamping.
    Avril xx

  10. Dot says:

    Hi Shirley…wow! I love the aged effect that the used teabags give – and by adding the card inside really makes the images ‘pop’…so beautiful!

  11. Donna Ellis says:

    wow! delicate is right! I cannot get over how well you have recycled the tea bags, and so carefully opening them in the process and stamping on them, Shirl! You are always so innovative and creative in your projects! Love this! xo

  12. Terry says:

    Well you have made tea or tea bags looks Beautiful! Shirley, this is delicate and using the tea bags gives such a true vintage feel. Oh and I am with you with the coffee thing, except I must have cream and a little sugar! Hope you are all ready for Christmas and have a most wonderful celebration! Hugs!

  13. butterfly says:

    I’m another non-tea drinker, but seeing how beautiful the stamped images look in your glorious album, I may just have to take it up!! Seriously, a wonderful creation… perfect vintage feel, and soft subtle stamping and embellishing. This is really special.
    Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyous festive season!
    Alison xx

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