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Dream Machine

Two firsts today, things that I wasn’t allowed to do because of my leg injury,  remember the falling off the fence episode, well I can do both again.

First is being allowed to swim again, really missed the swimming.  Definitely a morning girl, leave the house around 7.30am and in the pool for 7.50am.  Not into all that gym malarky but I’ve been a member of the Amber Springs Leisure Centre for about two years and because of the times I go for the most part I am the only person in the pool.  It’s just amazing, feels like my own private swimming pool.  Usually swim for around an hour before heading home.

Second I can drive my car again.

About driving my car, don’t think I mentioned that Andrew bought me my dream car … only had it for just over a month and for the last two weeks it has been stuck outside the house.  This car is something I have wanted for absolutely years but never thought I would ever own.

It’s my very own MINI to float my bones about, how super cool is that!!!  She’s the bees knees.  Yep it’s a she of course.


I go home fairly regularly to see the family but sadly because the grandchildren are growing up (Amber at University, Alex in college and Lauren in her early teens) this means that Ireland doesn’t have the same appeal that it used to.  They loved coming here as youngsters because we are only 12 mins from the beach, so every summer they would be here.  This meant that my car had to accommodate us all hence the seven seater people carrier … but no more, I have my dream machine.  Thanks Andrew you are one amazing and generous husband.

Guess what … Amber, Alex and Lauren all said they want it.  Sorry kids it’s all mine!!!!


4 Responses to “Dream Machine”

  1. Donna Ellis says:

    So glad to hear you are mending well, Shirl. I miss swimming, too, so can only imagine how you felt! Your mini is a dream! I just got a new car, too! It’s also a white color called “Pearl”. I let my husband choose the color, and was quite surprised he chose this one LOL.

    Keep on getting stronger, my friend! xo

  2. Craftyfield says:

    Well that’s good news! Swimming must be good exercise too for injured bodies… Your new car looks lovely, I wouldn’t mind one of those…xx

  3. Carola says:

    Congratulations Shirley. The mini is really a dream car… also my dream.
    Have fun with the car.
    Hugs Carola

  4. Dot says:

    So good to see that your leg is on the mend Shirley. I can just picture you zipping around in this car…bad luck kids, gran’s got hot wheels!

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