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Good Ole Bubble Wrap

Showing pages from the new A5 art journal which I had to buy on my last trip home.

Two on the go now but I just might take this one home with me when I next go and leave it there.  That way I will always have something to doodle in.

Used some of the new PaperArtsy stamps that I bought whilst at a class with Helen Chilton, Sandy had her shop there.

Extended the ends of the flower petals with some doodling flourishes and added numbers to the leaves.

These are the first two pages when the book is opened and as you can see I have used the SU Beautiful You stamps plus a variety of others.

Clare has very little crafting stuff which is good because it means I have to improvise and use things which I haven’t used in ages.

Bubble wrap is one of those great alternatives to stencils and it came in handy for these pages.  Painted gesso onto it which gave a fantastic resist on the page.


9 Responses to “Good Ole Bubble Wrap”

  1. Brenda says:

    Oh no, I saw the word bubble and my mind immediately alerted but to those in a bottle, it’s that time of day almost you see !!!! I will confess quite unashamedly there are many a day when a glass of Prosecco gets me through that last hour at my desk. And at weekends, well why change the habits of a lifetime as it helps on the crafting front as well.

    On a more serious note, I adore your journal pages, especially the first, but only choosing that because of the glorious colours which very much appeal.

    B x

  2. Shirley says:

    Beautiful pages with gorgeous colours. I also like to use bubble wrap and any stencil that has circles… I have a thing for circles and hearts…. Have a great weekend, Shirley xx

  3. Donna Ellis says:

    Your art journal inspiration always speaks volumes to me, Shirl! I love the imaginative use of stamps with your gorgeously colored and textured backgrounds! I especially like the frames around these beauties! Subtle, yet draws the eye to the center. Interesting, yet not removing the importance of the focal statements! I also like the shapes above your “1 2 3” flowers! LOL the repetitive use of shapes is something I’ve not yet learned to do. Sigh – so lovely! Wishing you a lovely week-end, my friend! hugs, de

  4. Dot says:

    Being creative and using what is at hand is a great way to keep the mind active – sure beats doing wordfinds! I love how you always use colours in a beautifully delicate way, and still manage to showcase the main images perfectly. I love to see what you come up with next Shirley…always something different.
    Dot x

  5. annie says:

    Have to love these as love journaling. Bubble wrap is a great useful tool I agree, I don’t use it often enough. Takes a little push and a shove and inspiration to get going…thanks Shirl.xx

  6. Avril says:

    Haven’t used bubble wrap in ages Shirley – thanks for the reminder of how good this can look. Love the journal pages and the extra doodling on the flowers is so creative.
    Avril xx

  7. butterfly says:

    Lovely pages, and bubble wrap with gesso is a brilliant improvisation when short of supplies. Gorgeous colours in both spreads, though you can probably guess it’s that first one which really makes my heart sing.
    Alison x

  8. Craftyfield says:

    Oops WordPress is having another wobble and failed to send me the email for this post! Lucky I searched… These are gorgeous pages and the stamps… well you have good taste!

  9. Carola says:

    WOW what great pages, especially the first! WONDERFUL!!!
    Hugs Carola

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