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Everything Looking Ship Shape Again

When we came back from Australia and opened our front door the first thing that greeted us was half the ceiling in the hallway had fallen down.

We facetimed our son and showed him the mess, he told us not to touch anything as the rest looked safe enough to him.  He would get out to Ireland as soon as he could and repair it for us

All the family turned up from the UK, got stuck in with repairing the ceiling and all the other little jobs that needed doing in the house.  My grandson Alex is going into the same trade as his dad and it was such a joy to see them working side by side.

This was the start of Andrew and I getting stuck in with getting the house neat and ship shape again with a view to putting it on the market then moving back home to the UK.  We got a skip in, cleared out the shed, had the house painted outside and started the big tidy up with the garden.

All was going really well until Andrew was taken ill and rushed to hospital.

That was two months ago, it was only yesterday that he felt well enough to go back to work.

With all life’s little lemons that have been thrown my way this summer the crafting took a back seat.

Yesterday was my time to have a well earned play in my journal.  No thinking about where anything was going just playing with all the things I love most.  Stamping, painting and stencilling.

This is probably my favourite page in the journal so far.

The painter turned up yesterday to finish painting the kitchen/diner, conservatory, utility room and cloakroom.

The house looks so fresh and neat again which makes me a very happy bunny.


6 Responses to “Everything Looking Ship Shape Again”

  1. butterfly says:

    Goodness, you certainly have been having a time of it. I’m so glad to hear Andrew is finally feeling well enough to return to normal life – and that you have a family who rally round so brilliantly in the face of collapsing ceilings! Glad too that you’ve made it back to the craft table, and with such a lovely page spread. Always lovely just to let the favourites come out to play. Good luck with the house sale now it’s all shipshape.
    Alison x

  2. Craftyfield says:

    It never rains… well, at least it’s good to hear everything and everyone is on the mend! After all this you deserved a bit of crafting time and it is a lovely page, I recognised that Indigo blue flower stamp, gorgeous! xx

  3. Donna Ellis says:

    Yikes! Thank goodness you were not there when the ceiling fell! And how marvelous to have family who will come and help, Shirl. Glad all is repaired, and I hope nothing else happens. In the meantime, your journal creation is beautifully feminine, with the pale spring-time colors of the soul, and the lovely stamps you have put together. It’s beautiful! hugs, de

  4. Avril B says:

    Glad to know that Andrew is fully recovered and the house is looking good and your feel good mood is reflected in this lovely journal spread, gorgeous colours and images.
    Avril xx

  5. annie says:

    Hi shirl
    I think you sent me an email re GD apologies I have only just seen it, we have had issues with internet and on and off using a goggle to try and publish my DT cards. I am sorry to read all the above and Hope all has now settled down again..

  6. Dot says:

    Hi Shirley. It’s amazing to look back over the year and see what has happened. Some good and some not so good. But it sounds like you have taken it in your stride and have a clear focus on where you both want to go which is great. And to think that in among all that there was a trip to Australia! Special memories.
    This journal page is a pure joy to look at. I love the colours and the sketchy style of the lady. How beautiful!!!
    Dot x
    Ink Art Designs

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