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Farewell Byron

Such a sad start to 2018 our beautiful Cocker Spaniel Byron passed away on Sunday.

Before I explain about Byron there is a little story to tell about another new addition to the family.  His name is Chip and we have had him about 6 months.

Whilst sitting in my craft room I looked out the window and saw this dog looking up at me.  Went outside to have a look at his collar and see if there was any info about him.  No collar and one very timid little pooch.  We fed him, let him stay in the utility room overnight and the next day we took him to the vets to see if he was chipped.  Nothing, so we took him to the dog rescue home where they would keep him for a week before rehoming.  When we were walking away I looked back at him and his little face looked so sad (it was like he knew that he was being abandoned again).  My heart melted and I told the girl that if he wasn’t claimed could they give us a ring first.

Andrew and I talked it over and if he wasn’t claimed we decided to keep the little … Heinz 57.  The name Chip came about because he wasn’t chipped (Andrew’s sense of humour).  We knew it was going to be a challenge but what the heck.

Now I truly believe that things happen in life for a reason and I think Chip was sent to us because Byron didn’t have long for this world.

Byron would have been 13 this year, he came to us when he was 6 years old (another rescue).  From the time he entered our home our dear little Penny Black (another cocker) bonded with him perfectly.  He was adorable, loveable, fearless but he could also be naughty.

Penny and Byron were complete opposites in every way.  She is very timid where he was fearless she will not let us out of her sight whereas Byron would go missing in the woods, she very rarely barks but Byron would bark at everything.

He taught Penny some very bad habits … like jumping into the river whilst walking, running into the woods and even leaving our garden on their own but despite all of this we loved him to bits.

Byron had been ill for some time but with lots of trips to the vets we were still able to give him a pain free life.  Bless his little heart whilst walking he would still try to keep up with Penny but couldn’t, she was a little gem and waited for him to catch up before she trotted off again.

Who would know by Sunday afternoon that our little sweetheart would be gone.  He took a turn for the worse and finally found peace even though he has left so many broken hearts behind.

Penny is very quiet and keeps looking for her soulmate but at least we have Chip plus I am hoping she will form a strong bond with him as she did with Byron.

Farewell Byron we are going to miss you to bits but you will never be forgotten.

Byron with Penny.


11 Responses to “Farewell Byron”

  1. Dot says:

    Beautiful memories shared … and a wonderful tribute Shirley.
    Sending lots of cyber hugs xxx
    Dot x

  2. annie says:

    So sad to lose your beautiful Byron. Sending lots of hugs,xxx

  3. Shirl says:

    Thank you Dot this week has been the saddest ever.

  4. Shirl says:

    Annie such kind words, thank you.

  5. Craftyfield says:

    I can feel the sadness through your words, Shirley, hang on to the knowledge that you’ve given Byron a good life and he added some joy and love to yours, forging happy memories. Sending hugs, xx

  6. butterfly says:

    So sad to lose a pet, a family member – it leaves such a hole. But I’m sure you’re right about Chip arriving just at that moment. He will blossom in the love and affection in your home, just as Byron did, and you will always have your happy memories.
    Alison x

  7. Shirl says:

    Thank you Christine and Alison for those lovely words. Byron had so much character and I think a little has rubbed off on Chip.

  8. Donna says:

    Hi, Shirl. I’m so sad for the loss of your dear fur child. Byron sounds like a delightful soul, especially to befriend your newest family member Chip. Love comes to us in the mosts uncanny of ways at time, when it is least expected. Perhaps that is why Love is the greatest of Gifts? We do nothing to deserve it. Love chooses us, and we follow its lead. Please know I am thinking of you, and send heartfelt and loving hugs. By the way, I especially enjoy your new header. May 2018 be a blessing for you in every way. love, de

  9. Carola says:

    Hi Shirley, today I’m going to visit you here. Your new page with the great header and name looks great for you.

    I’m sorry to read that your dog died. It’s always hard…..
    Big hugs Carola

  10. Shirley says:

    Hi Shirley, I’m just catching up a little in blogland (haven’t been around these days). All is well here. This post made me stop, it’s quiet a story and brought tears to my eyes. First I’m so sorry about your great loss, I know how difficult it is to lose a fur baby and your guy has such a sweet look on his face. the happy part of this post is your adopting the stray (Chip) that showed up… amazing story really and I can imagine he found a great new home 🙂 Hugs x ps.. your art is all beautiful ….

  11. annie says:

    Hi Shirl, thanks for the chuckle, loved getting three messages from you. Sometimes our words drift off into the sunset and come out all wrong.
    Hope you are doing better..

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