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Yet Another Messy Journal Page With My Saturday Class

Another class showing from last Saturday, also did the punched edges again (with a different punch) on the journal sides.  It definitely gives the wow factor and loving how you can find pages easier.

Wahoo! – should have more time to visit all your lovely blogs from now on and a huge thanks to all who have still been leaving comments.

The reason that I have found all these items is because (think I said before in a previous post) I have moved craft rooms.

Andrew has my original one and I have taken over Alex’s bedroom.  Hence the lack of very many postings and visiting of blogs.  The room had to be re-painted and also the furniture.  Used lots of blue chalk paint plus will be showing pics of how the bedroom looks now.  Oops, should say craft room. 

Not sure my class are very happy with messy/painty journal pages they just don’t seem to get the letting go bit of it!!!

Going to propose something different this week but if the girls don’t like my suggestions then sadly I think the classes will come to an end after all these years.  I will be very sad about this as they really have been coming every Saturday for years.  Will let you know what they decide.


3 Responses to “Yet Another Messy Journal Page With My Saturday Class”

  1. Donna Ellis says:

    That “letting go” part of creating is sometimes impossible for some of us to accomplish because of the way we were raised and continued in our jobs or enforced in our life-time endeavors LOL I wish I could more freely give up the rigid way I hold paint brushes, etc, so that a more fluid background is achieved. On the other hand, some of my friends think I’m the “free artist” and they cannot understand how I’m able to “let go” and achieve what I do, so perhaps it is something to do with the brain, too, Shirl? It must be frustrating as the instructor to see people struggling so much. I love your watercolor backgrounds and think your “inky messes” are amazing! hugs, de

  2. Craftyfield says:

    Wonderful pages, Shirley! Letting go isn’t easy for adults but it shouldn’t stop your students from crafting or attending your classes! Maybe suggest a Christmas cards session, still Mixed Media, since it’s this time of the year… they might find it easier on a smaller “canvas”. Enjoy your new craft room! xx

  3. Avril B says:

    I love these colourful pages with the added textures, suited the more playful look of the images.
    It took me a good while of ‘trying’ to let go and do journal pages and I still think ‘is it naff?’ but hey ho – I now enjoy being messy! Maybe just do one messy class a month and see how they get used to that.
    Avril xx

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