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A How To Video On YouTube

A little tutorial on how to get a straight line on material without a ruler.

Hope this helps xx


Finished Shabby Chic Album

Finding time at last for making my videos, plus some blogging which is way over due, this is the Shabby Chic Journal finally finished.

Hoping to set up an Etsy shop so that I can start selling some of my makes – hope you enjoy the video xx

How pretty is the face stamp from Carabelle Studio she is one of my faves.

You can see how she can be coloured in here.


Skypeing With Lucy

Long time since I have used my blog but because of the social distancing I have started my YouTube channel again.

Had a fabulous playday with a friend and we both started a new junk journal see below:

Hope you all enjoy xx


First Part Of Travellers Notebook Project

I am loving making these videos.  Have a long way to go because the nerves get the better of me but the fun in making them is amazing.

When I see other you-tubers they look so professional which might be me some day … ah well you can live and dream lol.

Hope you like it xx


Changing A Front Cover On A Notebook

Made another quick video showing how I changed the front cover on a notebook I bought.


Playtime In France

Just popping in with a quick show and tell of a new video I have posted showing a traveler’s notebook which I made, but thought whilst I was at it I should explain how my ankle got broken whilst on our hols in France.

Wasn’t my finest hour I can tell you.  Andrew and I had quite a different holiday this year, we decided to tour around France in a luxury motorhome with all the mod cons you could ever wish for.  This meant we could take our fur babies and also the new bikes that we had just bought.

Yep new electric bikes and wow how those babies can go.  We were both in our element cycling around and seeing the countryside as we went along.  Made short work of those hills I can tell you and the roads in France are surprisingly so much better than the Irish or English roads.

To be fair when I broke the ankle I wasn’t even riding my bike at the time, me and the bike were both parked beside a wall.  Andrew had cycled off before me and as I put my leg across ready to get on my bike the tyres slipped on the cobblestones and started to fall away.  Should have let it fall … but because I didn’t want to scrape the paintwork I tried to steady it.

Now if you haven’t ridden an e-bike before let me tell you they are very heavy, which I completely forgot about.  The bike went one way, I went the other but my foot got trapped under the bike.  Yikes it was very painful and no Andrew in sight.

Long story short, broken in three places and after having three casts on in the space of little more than a week the hospital decided an operation was necessary for pins, plates and screws to be fitted.

The upside of this (yes there is an upside) – I woke up with a boot on instead of plaster which meant walking about was so much easier.

(Sounds better than it was actually)

That was six weeks ago, not sure when the boot is coming off … very very soon I hope lol. 

The whole idea of the holiday was to relax, park up where we wanted, walk the dogs, cycle, eat, drink (no particular order) and when I felt like it craft my little heart out.

We managed most of that before disaster struck …
… hey I even got to go to the Stamperama Newbury Craft Show before we motored on to France so it wasn’t all bad.



Lavender Journal

My next junk journal is the lavender one, just a quick show and tell of it nearly finished.

I have been lucky enough to get a table at the Lavender Farm here in Ireland and it will be great to have this finished and ready to sell there.

So appropriate don’t you think?

The Lavender Farm is so pretty and to be able to sell my work there is just amazing.

They have a tea room which sells the most amazing products and up stairs is where six of us sell our makes.

We have a work space called the  Artist’s Attic Craft Room.

Everything sold there is made by local artists and to see such talented people’s work displayed in one place is just beautiful.

Such an amazing arrangement, there are six of us selling different products and we each do one day a week whereby we spend a day doing the selling.

Such a clever idea to help crafters with their work.


Junk Journal Show and Tell

Oh wow my 4th video about the junk journals I am making.

My journey at the moment is going along the path of sewing and embroidery but I am still using my stamps.  The fun I am having with making these is amazing.

The enjoyment I get from making these journals and videos is amazing and I hope you get enjoyment and maybe some inspiration when you watch them.


Junk Journal Bag And Cover Part 3

Back with the last video in my matching bag and junk journal.

Have started on more bags and journals because I am really enjoying the process, especially the stitching.  Really hope you enjoy looking.

Would truly love it if you subscribed to my channel.


Junk Journal Cover Part Two

Part 2 of my junk journal cover and a peak at the journal which will be going inside.  The finished journal will be shown in part 3.

If you like what you see of my work on Youtube I would love it if you could subscribe to my channel.