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Lavender Journal

My next junk journal is the lavender one, just a quick show and tell of it nearly finished.

I have been lucky enough to get a table at the Lavender Farm here in Ireland and it will be great to have this finished and ready to sell there.

So appropriate don’t you think?

The Lavender Farm is so pretty and to be able to sell my work there is just amazing.

They have a tea room which sells the most amazing products and up stairs is where six of us sell our makes.

We have a work space called the  Artist’s Attic Craft Room.

Everything sold there is made by local artists and to see such talented people’s work displayed in one place is just beautiful.

Such an amazing arrangement, there are six of us selling different products and we each do one day a week whereby we spend a day doing the selling.

Such a clever idea to help crafters with their work.


Junk Journal Show and Tell

Oh wow my 4th video about the junk journals I am making.

My journey at the moment is going along the path of sewing and embroidery but I am still using my stamps.  The fun I am having with making these is amazing.

The enjoyment I get from making these journals and videos is amazing and I hope you get enjoyment and maybe some inspiration when you watch them.


Junk Journal Bag And Cover Part 3

Back with the last video in my matching bag and junk journal.

Have started on more bags and journals because I am really enjoying the process, especially the stitching.  Really hope you enjoy looking.

Would truly love it if you subscribed to my channel.


Junk Journal Cover Part Two

Part 2 of my junk journal cover and a peak at the journal which will be going inside.  The finished journal will be shown in part 3.

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Video For Journal Bag I Have Been Making

Long time since I have posted … still been crafting only doing different things.

I have rekindled my love for embroidery and stitching but didn’t want to give up on my stamping so decided to combine them both.

Also wanted to start making youtubes and doing Junk Journals again.

Below is a video about a bag I am making for a Junk Journal.  Lots of pauses and ums in the video but hey ho lets hope I get better.

Sorry for the wobble at the beginning of the video lol.


An Anything Goes At FSC This Month

For this month it’s an ‘Anything Goes’ at FSC which couldn’t be easier for everyone.

Stamped onto some water colour cardstock using several different coloured inkpads and stamps.

All the main focal stamping has been done with a black Versamark pad.

Would really love it if you hopped on over to see all the DT’s work as they are simply stunning.

Ink Art Designs Etsy Shop is sponsoring FSC and they will be offering a stamp for the winner of each new challenge.


It’s Winter Time At FSC – Brrrr So Cold

Nearly two months since I have posted anything, now that’s bad … it’s not that I haven’t been making things, just more like experimenting and taking a different turn with my crafting. Have loads on the go but nothing finished.

Andrew’s mother passed away last month, she was 92, so things have been a little sad in the Chillman household.

For this month it’s ‘Winter’ at FSC the colder the better lol.

Stamped onto some beautiful material which I machine stitched onto a tag then added a die cut.  This is a double sided tag.

Below is the stamped image of whats on the other side of the tag.

This tag was going to be my piece for FSC but when I took the photo of it against some of my birthday presents it went so well with the material it was sitting on I changed my mind.


Hubby bought me a Gemini die cutting machine for my birthday and we also went out in the morning for breakfast at our fave cafe called The Book.  Will tell you more about this fabulous place another time.

After breakfast we went shopping and below is some of the stash that I bought.

The other pic is of some of the things I have been making.  More on that another time also.  Trust me I have been a very busy girl!!

The day didn’t end there, in the evening Andrew took me out for a meal and this was the biggest surprise of all.

There is a restaurant that I have been wanting to go to in Clonegal for ages and ages (in actual fact years) it’s called Sha-Roe Bistro.

Wow, I actually went there and it didn’t disappoint, it was amazing, had the best birthday ever.

Thank you again Andrew, you’re one in a million babe.

Would really love it if you hopped on over to see all the DT’s work as they are simply stunning.

Ink Art Designs Etsy Shop is sponsoring FSC and they will be offering a stamp for the winner of each new challenge.


FSC And Book Pages

The months just fly and fly … not sure where they go … but it’s that time again at FSC.

For this month FSC want to see ‘Book Pages’ and these could be stamped or real pages.

Chose to use real pages and used some lovely stamps from AALL & CREATE #83.

A few months back Hochanda had a great deal going for all of Fiona Paltridge’s new stamps which I couldn’t resist and this is the first one I have inked.  They have such a cute quirkiness which totally appeals to me.

Would really love it if you hopped on over to see all the DT’s work as they are simply stunning.

Ink Art Designs Etsy Shop is sponsoring FSC and they will be offering a stamp for the winner of each new challenge.


Yet Another Messy Journal Page With My Saturday Class

Another class showing from last Saturday, also did the punched edges again (with a different punch) on the journal sides.  It definitely gives the wow factor and loving how you can find pages easier.

Wahoo! – should have more time to visit all your lovely blogs from now on and a huge thanks to all who have still been leaving comments.

The reason that I have found all these items is because (think I said before in a previous post) I have moved craft rooms.

Andrew has my original one and I have taken over Alex’s bedroom.  Hence the lack of very many postings and visiting of blogs.  The room had to be re-painted and also the furniture.  Used lots of blue chalk paint plus will be showing pics of how the bedroom looks now.  Oops, should say craft room. 

Not sure my class are very happy with messy/painty journal pages they just don’t seem to get the letting go bit of it!!!

Going to propose something different this week but if the girls don’t like my suggestions then sadly I think the classes will come to an end after all these years.  I will be very sad about this as they really have been coming every Saturday for years.  Will let you know what they decide.


Messy Journal Page With My Saturday Class

It’s ages since I have shown anything that I have been teaching my Saturday class so below is a double page that we did two weeks ago.

Really wanted these journal pages to look different from other pages in the book
so I jazzed up the sides with a Martha Stewart border punch.

Definitely going to do more like this as it made both pages look more interesting.

It also added the wow factor plus I have so many punches which need to see the light of day again.