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All About The Leftovers

It wasn’t just about the cards in the class on Saturday but also with regards to the leftover paint and ink which is usually always left on the craft sheet.

The girls were asked to bring along their Art journals so they could mop up their leftovers in it.

This also gave the girls homework.  I asked them to finish their journal pages at home, bring back next week, then we could see how each completed their pages.

My finished pages, hopefully it’s a little inspiration, especially for Phil,  lol … (she’ll understand).  Worked on my mop up pages after the class had finished.



These are the two cards I taught in the class.







7 Responses to “All About The Leftovers”

  1. Craftyfield says:

    Lovely how you made the face emerge from the background Shirley. My mop ups never look like that, just messy, grey-ish things! xx

  2. Donna Ellis says:

    Your card classes are wonderful, Shirl! The textures you achieved are incredible, and I like how one card is with the earthy dark tones, and the other is full of sunny, cheerful hues!

    But I am in love with your “mop up” journal pages. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think they may be my all time favorite of your creations! hugs, de

  3. annie says:

    LOVE. A beautiful display of gorgeousness. Love the Carabelle face…xx [aNNie]

  4. Phil Breen says:

    Love ur finished work, I’m still struggling but will get there ? Phil

  5. Shirl says:

    Thank you Phil and I am looking forward to see what you do x x x

  6. butterfly says:

    Glorious pages, Shirl – I simply love the warm orange-gold accents echoing from the flower heads to the butterfly to that beautiful Carabelle woman. The cards are terrific, and what a great idea to get people to bring their journals to create mop-up homework!
    Alison x

  7. Carola says:

    Wowww Shirley, what a great page… fantastic! The cards are beautiful too.
    Hugs Carola

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