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Tag Art

Whilst in my craft room watching Andy and Tracy on Hochanda yesterday, saw a tag that I had started but not finished so decided to have a play with it.



4 Responses to “Tag Art”

  1. Donna Ellis says:

    Lovely swipes of color, Shirl. I especially like the way the blue-green-gray is in the background, and carried through her hair and facial expression! I also like the 2 sided frame, and then how some of those colors are carried over into the right side of the tag! xx

  2. butterfly says:

    Lovely textured paint in the background, and I love how it gives the stamping a really weathered look. Great tag!
    Alison x

  3. Shirley says:

    Hi Shirl, beautiful tag with the fantastic textured background. Your designs in the previous post are all beautiful as well. Take care xx

  4. Carola says:

    Hi Shirley, your TAG is wonderful! I love it.
    Carola x

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