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Why Three Birthday Cards???

My youngest granddaughter Lauren starts a new journey on Friday as she becomes a teenager.

The biggest part of missing out on Lauren’s growing up is keeping abreast of how her personality has changed and how her creative style in life has done a complete turn around.

Whereas Claire, Amber and I love the messy, inky and busy side of crafting Lauren, to my complete surprise, has gone more like her Dad and loves the CAS look.

Lauren and a girlfriend of hers came to Ally Pally with us this year and they loved it.  Flitting about the huge hall like butterflies they were in their element.  Hardly saw them at all during the day.  We eventually stopped for lunch and they showed us what they had made at one of the make and takes.

On the Sunday after Ally Pally Lauren, friend and myself made an album.  Mine was pretty with lots of embellishments on it, her friend’s was like a pizza with everything added but Lauren’s was very stark and minimalistic.

This was when I realized that her developing creative style is so different to mine, Claire’s and Amber’s.

Way to go Lauren, be unique and make your own path sweetie.

Lauren’s birthday card was already made by the time I set sail for Ally Pally but on discovering how she likes CAS I had to make another.  Hope she likes it.

Used watercolour card and also watercolour paints to achieve the background effect plus the stamped sentiment (from Stampin Up) was done with black embossing powder.


Might as well show the two other cards which I created (not Lauren’s cup of tea methinks).

Did two because I wasn’t sure what colour she was into at the moment but it doesn’t really matter now as I won’t be sending either.  DI inks were used to create the background plus various stamps.

Used two new dies that have been added to my collection recently and the picture stamps are an old set from Crafty Individuals.


It’s been extremely hard for Andrew and myself as all through the grandchildren’s lives we have lived abroad.  Hence the reason for all the missing out on their growing up and the changing stages of their personalities.

Entering the Penny Black  and More Challenge – Birthdays


10 Responses to “Why Three Birthday Cards???”

  1. brenda says:

    It always seems like constant changes as they grow up Shirley and how their personalities and interest move on, unfortunately only one of our girls seems to have any interest in craft as far as cards go. Another is an excellent artist but restricted on time for it at Uni, but I hope she will get back into it once she graduates in the summer.

    A super collection of cards and am especially drawn to to the bold colours of the first, I did some similar for CB last week but I think I was a bit to cautious on the colours.

    B x

  2. butterfly says:

    Oh dear – one of these days we’ll both be at the same Ally Pally and manage a rendezvous!

    What fun to go with Lauren – even though you didn’t see much of her – and to make new discoveries about how she’s changing as she grows up. Even though I can see it’s hard to feel you’re missing a lot, I think it’s such a lovely sign of your love that you changed the card to suit those discoveries. I bet she’ll love her CAS card – it’s fabulous, how could she not?! – but I think she would also have been happy to receive the original versions since they would come made with such obvious love.

    Hope you enjoyed Ally Pally – and hope we’ll get to meet there one day.
    Alison x

  3. Craftyfield says:

    I think it’s great that she has a style! Me I do them all… Having said that, she might go through “periods” like the great artists, think Monet’s Lilies, Van Gogh’s hay bales and turn to messy mixed media at some point! And it’s nice you have this hobby in common.
    All 3 cards are beautiful, see told you, love all styles! xx

  4. Donna Ellis says:

    Lovely birthday cards, Shirl! But I especially LOVE that you encourage your youngest granddaughter to journey down her own path and be unique. What a beautiful gift you bestow with those words, and creating a card to suit her tastes! I wonder what that type of encouragement feels like at that age? It must feel especially gratifying and validating.

    You’re a fantastic grandma! I am jealous! LOL

    Hope your upcoming week is especially good to you, Shirl! love, de

  5. Anne R says:

    It is not easy being apart from the Grandkids as I know myself, but it makes the time spent with them all the more special I think! All three cards are beautiful and I bet she would have loved any, just simply because you made them! I think it is lovely too, that she is developing her own style. Anne xx

  6. amber says:

    Hi Grandma,
    Lovely card, I know she’ll love it. I like the font used for the ‘Hello’ and the bright colourful background 🙂 YAYYY !! xxxx

  7. I love the bright CAS style! It must have been a thrill for you to see all the little ‘butterflies’ flitting off, and having them being excited by something that excites you. Proud Grandma moment me thinks.
    Dot x

  8. Pamellia says:

    Beautiful cards Shirl, love the watercolour effect on the first one! Seems you are a wonderful influence on your Grandkids, they must appreciate all of your support! hugs 🙂

  9. Lynn Brown says:

    wow you have been busy with gorgeous results, love your backgrounds and the way you used them.
    Thanks for sharing with us at Penny Black & More.
    Lynn x

  10. maria f. says:

    What a splendid watercolor BG – I see a butterfly shape. You should link up to the various butterfly challenges.

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